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Saturday, January 19, 2013

My new speciality : Vegetable salad (and how it helps me write music)

Yet again, another off shoot from my Facebook. I just decided to make this for myself on the weekend as part of my Saturday afternoon ritual & I have been perfecting it over the months. After I saw all the likes and comments(especially from the Ladies) I figure I would share it. I never thought that the old saying would now have people going around saying "the way to a Woman's heart is through Her Stomach". Putting some thought into this, I think that cooking is a good practice for musicians to explore. I have noticed it is similar to songwriting(well for me anyway). I have found recipes online and followed them to a tee,much like my ideas on how I envision a song I am in the process of writing to sound when the recording is finalized. However, after making a dish a few times, I end up adding, altering or taking out something to my liking. Much like I do when honing a song from an idea on paper,to a demo & into a finished song.

This time of year many people end up packing on the pounds. Sometimes its hard to realize what causes us to lose the weight. The cold weather makes many people to get seasonal depression and therefore they lack the motivation to exercise due to this or other reasons and therefore don't take off the pounds caused by the Holiday gorging.

This dish is primarily made of vegetables, So anyone can enjoy it(unless they are on the Atkins or South Beach diets). I take penne pasta & boil it, then I add Chick peas as my main required vegetable, and whatever vegetables I have. Sometimes carrots, or string beans,corn, kidney beans,etc. Lately, I have been steaming the vegetables with Worcestershire sauce*. But, there are other ways you can add flavoring maybe make it like a "summer salad" using mayonnaise and ground pepper(in the pic below I think I actually put some Mrs. Dash on it because I had that and not pepper) or even adding some vinegar. Anyway you choose, I hope it comes out to your liking and feel free to let me know what little spin you put on this if any.

And now if will excuse me I'm gonna go and scour the kitchen to hopefully find all the stuff I need to make this, wish me luck. More recipes coming soon (I promise), Have a good weekend-Nate
*Most Worcestershire sauce does contains anchiove, this is a vegan style Sauce Annie's Organic

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I want to know what you would have done

This was originally a post on my Facebook page, but I saved it and decided to post it here after seeing how many people commented on it and liked the post. Maybe this post will actually generate some comments on my blog, and maybe, just maybe help some people develop some more etiquette in certain social situations.

I wonder how many of you would do what I did: I'm in a club that has 2 rooms that share restrooms. The other room is of course the "mainstream" or "normal" crowd. I'm changing in the stall & the latch was loose, so this guy tried opening it. After noticing It was occupied he waits there, and I realize He has a woman with him. They are waiting for me to be done, just enjoying each others company(to put it mildly)never-minding what most people do in the stall, just waiting for it to be free so they can do their thing. Not that I am a prude or anything, but they should have used some discretion and waited outside the bathroom or something. Kinda grossed out by this I decided to remind them what the stall is for because, as most of you know by now; I always have to add my own zing to most situations just to keep things interesting. I made some fart noises with my hand to scare them off(which worked by the way), hoping that they think twice before being so out in the open about getting down in a Men's room and actually "got a room"