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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Point of No Return

So there I was last week, watching a live stream of a music conference that I must tell you was truly a Godsend. One segment in particular, In which the panelists were speaking about how you can give up your day job and do music full-time. This is been pretty much a lifelong goal of mine and I really wish that I had chosen to be in the company of those who felt this way too. It's a real struggle when you're forced to do something outside of your preferred profession in order to have a roof over your head and food on the table. So, like most people after a certain point many of us just except it as a fact of life and "drink the Kool-Aid" if you will. Sadly enough, it's something I've watched many of my former bandmates do. And in some cases it led them to getting toss the aside bye the employer they showed this loyalty to when they were deemed useless. For me, this journey is a series of "what ifs". What if I choose to do things more independently, whatever I had fine-tuned some of the music I made before releasing it or what if I had decided to get a better job? Would I have focused on that? Or what I have used the extra income to fuel the music? At this point it's neither here nor there, there are certain things in life that I have sacrificed and I will do everything in my power to make sure it wasn't in vain. Afterall, life is all about the journey and not the destination.

Just a pic I took of the part of the Harbor in Salem,MA where the ferry to Boston stops

If you've been reading my posts, you will know by now that this is the part where I talk about the title of the post. And for me, that's what I see this as. After doing this for so many years, investing all this time and money and building connections the only wise thing to do would be to find a way to make it work. There's always parts of the day where I feel like I was foolish, I wasted years and years of my life doing the stuff that goes unnoticed. How can I not feel that way, when I've played to empty rooms in my hometown, and I'm expected to go out and then nag people to buy tickets so there a promoter can be able to afford To pay the headliner. And in many cases, the local who is working for nothing or for peanuts draws a much bigger crowd than the hyped up headliner who is passing through town. Then on the other side of the coin, when I actually go out and engage people in person or on social media the few people that recognize and appreciate my work make all the crap that I go through well worth it.

So you might be asking yourself right now, when exactly was it that I decided that I was at the point of no return? Or you may be asking that about your own life. For me it may have been when I decide to start Forever Autumn Records, since I knew we would be distributing and promoting our music nationally. And despite the pitfalls I have encountered with dealing with plenty of the wrong people, I have done just that. Our releases are available in many stores around the country. And I can proudly say that it's been solely by my efforts alone. It's been great getting to build relationships with several of these store owners, picking their brains about their local scene and reassuring them that I would do everything on my end to cross promote for them. Just this past weekend, on our trip to perform in Salem, MA We dropped into a few stores along the way making sure that they had our releases, as well as the poster to promote the new album the Sorrows

This is me and our new keyboard player, Hannah Stejnbok with Ben of Armageddon Shop in Providence,RI

And here's a pic of us (Imbolg) playing in Salem taken by our friend Lynn Senior

So all in all, it was a trip well worth taking in investing time and money in. I got to take my truck out on the open road and listen to some Led Zeppelin(which has become somewhat of a ritual for these trips up north) and of course some other classic rock, including Electric Light Orchestra which I had mentioned in my last post but didn't include a video at the end. Which I will this time. So I suppose the time spent getting to know my new band mate and seeing the sights of Salem, well making acquaintances with some other people who just happen to be in town,including the other bands that performed that night with us Cruz Machine & Metamorph. I'm sure if I was slaving away at some job putting in 60 hours a week and being at some corporations backing call to stop what I'm doing and rush in to help the business stay afloat, none of this would have been possible. I may at some point discuss this past weekend in further detail and add more pictures. But for now, I bid you farewell until next week and if you are in a band or know any bands that are trying to be featured in a Blog please send them my way.

Thanks again for reading,Nate

I chose this particular ELO song, since it's the latest one that I'm learning.

And of course there's never a bad excuse to post some Zeppelin :

Saturday, September 29, 2018


Hello, so here I am yet again trying to think of a theme that's not going to bore all of you to death. This week was a little more busy for me and I almost found myself making me excuses that normal people usually make as to why they can't do certain things. I'm really glad I didn't fall into that metal trap like most people do. I do admit that being much busier did have an impact on my activity on social media to promote the band and our upcoming show in Salem, MA. But luckily, I figured out how to organize myself a little bit better so that these things don't keep piling up. Here's the flyer and the event link btw.

I'm sure it's apparent to most of you by now that one thing I'm referring to is, Change. After all, it's one of the few things that's guaranteed in life. And then when we need it, we choose not to change. I think mostly because, even though a certain situation be it a relationship that has gone sour, a job or living situation we have outgrown or anything else that warrants a change regardless of the fact that it is toxic, it's what were used to. I myself have done this several times and I have watched as the end result was truly disastrous and I believe on more than one occasion, I have shared some of these experiences here. But, think about some things that you witnessed changed for the better. I remember reading somewhere that early on in his career, Willie Nelson had a completely different sound like most of us have probably never heard and had he continued he continued to stick with that sound there's a good chance that none of us would even know who he is today. There are plenty of other examples we could focus on but I'm sure you see where I'm going with this. I have recently found myself in need of some changes, simply because certain things aren't working out like they could have. It's forcing me to try and stay more focused, organized and discuss ideas with others. And of course, taking a good look at what my peers are doing and how these things are working out for them. One of the changes I am looking forward to is, attending more shows. I actually have one or two friends that can point me in the right direction for that if I didn't find something to attend that night myself. You never know who you'll run into or what else you may discover

I remember awhile back, a few years ago actually going out to see a friend, David Milone play at two different clubs here in NYC that are now both gone(go figure) doing some acoustic sets. I noticed that he had played a song from Electric Light Orchestra,aka ELO, or Jeff Lynne's ELO. The song was their hit "Turn to Stone" and it was very interesting hearing a different version of this song without the parts of a full band, but also added nuances if you will that are unique to their sound, like Soprano backing vocals and of course orchestrated music with an electrified feel. ELO really personified that 1970's sound, yet I was able to learn some the songs to play acoustically as well. You see what just happened there? I took the time to see my friend play some shows again, and I ended getting turned onto more music that I decided to perform myself during my solo acoustic shows. I don't think this was some epic change in my life but I have no idea how great that band truly was before seeing Dave playing their song. In all fairness, I have seen Dave play with another band Ours several times over the years, so I knew I was definitely going to see something I would enjoy. Many times people are reluctant to check something new, not just a band but anything(laundry detergent,gum,etc), because they don't have "buyer's assurance" that they are getting what they paid for. And you can obtain that by making people familiar with your music and who you are. Hence why I decided to ramble on like this for over two paragraphs lol. So to break it up, here is some of the video I took of Dave's performance that I took :

I am hoping that some the changes I started to make with interacting with other bands, fans and other people involved in music will help bring on some much needed progress. This busy week has made me neglect updating my weekly passage in the Rock/Star life planner(sorry Suz)but I think I'm making up for it today by watching a live stream of very informative music conference. So I'm pretty proud of myself that "life" didn't derail me like it has some many others. I have a "career" job and I'm about to watch a seminar about how to quit your job. I often hear the response "where are you going to go?" my Answer from now up will be "Up". While else would you leave your stable, hourly based job that is slowly killing you if you're not planning on going Up? But, One important thing to do is : Change. The one thing in my weekly updates that I have to work on is Attitude. For me it has been something that has held me back since I was a kid. But, what can I say I am from New Jersey? Hey one of us even wrote a song about having an attitude.

In all seriousness, if we want things to change for the better we should change our actions. After all, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. And if there is anything you want to share about making positive changes that resulted being more successful feel free to share in the comments. Because this about me speaking my mind, I am hoping that I have encouraged someone to make this changes they need to make and I am looking for answers myself. Thanks again for reading and enjoy a few songs that inspired this post. I decided to post this live David Bowie video because it is easier to interpret the meaning of the song and its great see him once again.

And another song by one of my main influences that was very different from most of their other songs. It somewhat inspired me to write a different song on my new album called "An Autumn Night" . This was inspired by all the changes Ozzy and Black Sabbath were going through as people after being successful as a band.

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the Sorrows

Thanks again, and wish us good luck next Friday in Salem. Nate xoxo

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Nobody's fault but mine

Well it looks like I almost did it again, and notice I said almost. You see,I almost let an entire week go by without putting up another entry. Yes I'm aware that Tuesday was the anniversary of the September 11th attacks. And what made it even worse was when it happened in 2011, it was in fact on a Tuesday. So for myself and I'm sure many others, the day was very sad with an almost draining vibe to it. I don't have any colorful story of the day to share or anyone that I was very close with passed away so I felt it was best to steer clear of the topic on that day. With the exception of posting a general memorial to those who died that day and I also posted the favorite song of a family friend who we lost that day. In loving Memory of Mike "Buddy" Zinzi"

In my last post, I mentioned the book that I had let it sit around and collect dust instead of using it to its fullest potential : the Rock/Star Planner And delving into it even more so this past week, I've been kicking myself even harder. Because it really has helped put things in perspective. I think I said that last time, but it's really true since it's helped me coordinate the things I want to take care of not just for the music, but personally as well. It really makes you recap your week and see even the smallest things that helped you progress. For example, I went out to a venue that's very close to where I live to meet up with a friend that was performing this past Sunday with his band, Symfinity at the Gramercy theater opening for Tarja, formerly of Nightwish. Besides getting to see some great bands play, I linked up with some friends that I haven't seen in a while and made some new ones. After all, you can't just sit on your couch play your acoustic and expect people to break down the doors of the club to watch you play. It just doesn't work that way. No we can't be at every show and go out every night. But like I stated in my last entry, there must be some balance between work and play(subconsciously, maybe that's why I slacked off on posting this entry because I really enjoyed writing that last one) although on the other hand, to each their own. That just seems to be the healthiest way to maintain a working career in music. We all have day jobs and personal stuff, but their are so many ways to escalate your presence, especially if you have the support of others that will help with specifics tasks, social media pages, etc. But I wish you luck on that, this venture makes you forced to deal with many jaded, pigheaded and narcissistic people that it maybe difficult. That's just what i've experienced in part. It made me even be forced to make a decision about who I work with. Like a wise Man once told his Son (who then told me) "Show me who your friends are and i'll show you who you are"

This may seem like mean spirited advice from a stranger who has had his share of let downs, and your right for the most part. We all have dreams and goals (I think) and when you're younger they are "pie in the sky" with rolling in dollar bills, mansions, fancy cars, gorgeous women or men all around you. But not many are willing to make the changes they need to make or the sacrifices to make that happen. I recall the words of a person that I did part ways with who was all about the almighty dollar and while we engaged in our final argument, I pointed it out to him and he replied " Yes, that's why I have money and you're broke AHAHAHA!" obviously both statements are completely false, so of course I wasn't at all upset. He wouldn't have needed to make unauthorized charges on our business credit card if it was or having to be forced to work everyday of the week. I had just purchased lots of advertising for the band's new album at the time. And I informed this guy (who has yet to have the balls to say any of this to my face) that I am rich in many other ways. I have been playing music for so many years that each show out of town is a reunion with old friends. It's one the best things about being a part of this. Heck any show whether I am playing or not is. And its a chance to make new friends. Yes, money makes things work, but so does comradery, sharing ideas and goals and the willingness to help others. I could sit here and mention all of the cool people I have come across over the years, but you get the idea.

Basically there is always one thing that keeps us doing what we enjoy, Love. And anyone who has been in love before knows that it is usually never equated with rational. But just because something can't be explained doesn't mean it is not tangible or vice versa. I could have a job making twice as much money as I do now, but it would require me to stop playing music, let alone handling all the other things I do to make it happen and that would be death in itself. Yes, I have doubts and regrets but like the title suggests I know who's fault it is. We do get lead on at times, but I have learned to not have attachments and to ask the opinions of those I trust. As Rocky Balboa said to his Son in the final Rocky movie, going and blaming others because you're not where you want to be is what cowards do. Which is exactly what the classless guy that made false insults about my financial situation while hiding behind a phone does religiously.

Well, I hope this made sense to at least a few of you and that this does inspire at least one of you to make your dreams come true. For myself, I've had to work even harder to not get sidetracked due to A.D.D. and Depression but I choose to not let it be a crutch and try and catch myself going off track (Which I may have a bit in this post). And of course, forgive myself. We are after all human and pretty much any situation can inspire us to grow and/or create. I will leave you with this video that I just watched before I started to finish this up and will do so before I start my workouts.

Have a great weekend everyone, Nate

And as always, the song that inspired this post:
Check out Symfinity's latest single "Dynamite" here on Spotify
And Be sure to Preview Imbolg's new Album the Sorrows

Sunday, September 2, 2018


Hello again everyone. Now that I'm back into the full swing of things, it seems pretty ridiculous that I took such a long break from blogging. Recently I've been trying to finish up a lot of tasks that have been stockpiling up by simply not overthinking and diving in little by little to get what I need get done. After completing a few things, I couldn't believe that these things have just been sitting around not finished for so long. Some of the stuff included re-doing the band's online merchandise store to showcase some stuff like new shirts, phone cases, etc that have our new album cover printed on it. My main deterrent was the fact that I started doing this a few months ago absent mindedly placing our new album cover on the merchandise before it was actually finalized to include the album title at the bottom. You see, these little things create lots of mental clutter that kept me from making the merchandise available to people. But this was just one of several things that I've been trying to finish and after they're done and I realized that it only took me an hour or so to do I felt pretty stupid that I procrastinated for so long. One way I learned to overcome this was to simply write down some tasks that I knew needed to be done while thinking about how great it would feel later on when they were finished it to scratch them off the list. Don't ask me why but, this is one of the many simple pleasures in life for me.

The point that I'm trying to make here is, I've been trying to find balance. This was pretty much prompted after realizing how much focus I was putting on music as a whole and missing one of the key elements that keeps a band going, money. Yes for some it's probably much easier to find. And that is why I implore anyone that can give me some feedback as to how to balance things between music business and personal life to comment or message me directly. I really want to know what other people have to say, which should come as no surprise to those of you who follow me on social media as you may have noticed that I always engage people with different questions about music and what I like to refer to as "Music Monday" (or #MusicMonday). And yes it is yet another corny reference to the new YouTube series Cobra Kai, that is a continuation of the Karate Kid story. When it first hit YouTube red everyone was binge watching it and was very excited to see season two. It seems like the craze has died down a bit, but I watch it from time to time and I got to hand it to YouTube for giving people the bait they couldn't resist in order to subscribe to YouTube red. The series is mainly based around somebody who is considered one of the bad guys if you will in the original series, Johnny Lawrence. However, at one point Ralph Macchio's character Daniel La Russo recall's an old lesson from his now deceased sensei, Mr. Miyagi who remind him about a lesson in balance and added to it that balance was not just for karate but for his whole life. Well, for those of you who haven't seen any of the show I won't reveal what happens next. But my point is, in order to continue working towards any goal time management is very important. That also means elminating time wasters from your life. I remember one person that cried up and down that they didn't have time to do certain things, well I'll tell you that this person hasn't really gone far in music. As somebody who early on has wanted to pursue a career in music, I'm well aware of the fact that the actual playing and songwriting are only one piece of the pie if you will. Some people are not good at or not interested in doing some of the other things such as booking the shows, or any of the other various tasks. I not only do these things, but I also enjoy it too. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was reading a book after attending a book release party. There were actually two books being premiered that evening. This book will help aspiring artists manage their day-to-day chores in order to accomplish their goals. And like Ariel Hyatt's book, Crowd Start I highly recommend it. It is called : the Rock/Star Life Planner. Truthfully I've only begun to dip into this book but I see how it's been laid out and help you not only achieve your goals, but visualizing them as well as making you recognize the things you have achieved thus far. I think this is a very good way to help aspiring artists get organized and not become discouraged by the downfalls that come along with being an artist. Not to mention that Co-Author Suzanne Paulinkski was very prompted when I reached out to with questions I had.

One thing that I will reveal about the Rock/Star life planner and the Cobra Kai series is that both of them urge you to change or specifically "flip the script" as they say. One character had a total transformation, and this is what it looked like :

Well, please wish me luck in trying to achieve this. Every day we all have things we have to take care of obviously and this is why many of us decide that music isn't really worth pursuing after a certain age. I'll have to admit that I was scrambling trying to find a particular artist to reference in this entry. While I was taking a quick break from writing I noticed that a friend had posted a video from Iron Maiden called "Wasted Years". That rings out to me for many reasons, not only are we in fear of wasting our time but I think of the many years that I was unable to see Iron Maiden live up until last year. I think it's a real shame because they put on an amazing show, and to further rub salt in the wound there was someone in our section that had seen them 14 times. Their lead Singer, Bruce Dickinson has truly made lots of use of his time here. Not only fronting one of the most successful metal bands in history, but he has also beaten cancer and he is a licensed pilot with the ability to fly 747 jets. So this basically goes along with the old saying : "where there's a will there's a way". I'm not sure what the outcome of the next couple of months will be. But I hope that it brings on many positive changes for myself and all of you out there. Thanks again for reading and I will speak to you next week, Nate
For more info on the Rock/Star Life Planner please visit : The Rock Star Advocate
I also decided to include a music player so you can preview all the songs from my new album :
And, here's the video for the song I mentioned by Iron Maiden

Monday, August 27, 2018

You Can't Please Everyone

Hello everyone, after my last post may have come off at the beginning being downright whiny I decided to put a positive spin on exactly what has been on my mind lately. I have been noticing a decline and the overall camaraderie teamwork not only with and bounds but with other bands themselves. This is probably one of the reasons why one of my most recent shows had very poor attendance, Which at this stage of the game for me is downright embarrassing. I didn't think playing on an off night would be a total deterrent for everybody. Especially since other bands have been able to draw at this particular events. And I'm sure if this was a bigger national touring acts, the charges triple or quadruple of who have been able to draw at this particular events. And I'm sure if this was a bigger national touring acts, the charges triple or quadruple of why our door cover most people wouldn't care and they be even taking pictures i'm going live on Facebook to brag about the fact that they spent at the very least $75 for a nosebleed seat. Why? Because in certain peoples heads that makes them look cool or have some sort of elevated status. And also, the fact that this band has been around for years doing major tours and releases gives people a certain amount of buyer's assurance that they're getting what they paid for , Which as we know is not the case always.

After I played to an almost empty room, which shouldn't of happened considering all the years the band has been around not to mention all the time and money spent to promote the band over the years. I didn't feel like it was pointless to continue on with the band knowing that we embarrassingly enough couldnt draw a crowd in our hometown. I realize that I can't let some people who don't give a rats ass about me or my music stop me from doing what I love. And I do know that there are plenty Of much bigger named artists that have had it way worse. One of which that came to mind was Ricky Nelson, Who I recently discovered was actually born in the same hospital that I was. I didn't know that his father,Ozzie Nelson was born and raised in the same town that I was. But I just assumed that Ricky was born and some hospital out in California. Anyway, many years ago Ricky Nelson was invited to play in event at Madison Square Garden called "the Garden Party". There was a big misunderstanding by Ricky, which led to him being booed off stage. See, the crowd thought that he was going to go up there and play some of his classic hits from his early years. But instead, he started to play some of his more recent songs which happened to be in a totally different style than his earlier work. So immediately after he received a bad reaction from the crowd that night, he started to write the song called the garden party. Which is how I named this post because the chorus goes you can't please everyone, so you have to please yourself. I decided to omit the last part of that phrase because I know how many people would probably think that this entry had absolutely nothing to do with music, if you catch my drift. The song actually became a hair as well, so my point is that even when you're at your lowest you can find inspiration and motivation to keep going on. Yes it is a great feeling when you receive praise for your work, but on the other hand hearing negative Things about it such as bad reviews should not make you consider packing it in. That's one of the reasons why they tell many actors to not read the wro things about it such as bad reviews should not make you consider packing it in. That's one of the reasons why they tell many actors to not read their own press. Anyone who is successful has to be self-motivated and never content. There's always some way to improve things and find bigger and better accomplishments.

I think that some artist's best work can come out when they feel that they are at rock bottom. It has happened to me many times i'm shocked that it's been a while since I've written anything, but I'll make sure that the changes really soon. The one story that says out in my mind the most is how The one story that says out in my mind the most is how Eric Clapton got inspired to write tears in heaven Eric Clapton got inspired to write "Tears in Heaven". I'm sure most of you would agree that there can be almost nothing worse than losing a child. I must praise Clapton's resilience by being able to overcome This tragedy and continue to do what he was born to do you to do. The thing is that, although we are inspired by what we encounter in life we still have to look inward and be self motivated enough to shape something from the inspiration. You can only truly consider yourself an artist if don't let any situation in life prevent you from creating your art. I've witnessed many people go from Playing music all the time to doing some job outside of the music industry because they've been convinced that that's the only way that they can survive. I've been forced to work these kinds of jobs myself, but I have yet nor will I ever allow her to prevent me from continuing to play music . After all, what's the point of going in and doing some job day in and day out that slowly killing you so you can make a living and that truly live. When I find myself feeling frustrated about any problems I may be encountering with in the band or the label, I am fortunate enough to have other people within the industry that can you offer me advice or vice versa. It's just like the old saying goes: " where there's a will, there's a way". But many people are willing to do what it takes in order to achieve that. I have gone on to this in detail him past posts, so there's need for me to do it again.

These days we have many resources that can help us in order to achieve our goals musically. And if any of you out there needs to pick my brain about something feel free to contact me. Often times, very motivating people often feel as if they are the odd man out. And that is because the kind of determination that people need in order to be truly successful is often dormant in many. I've been confronted by several people that we're basically crapping all over everything that I had worked on and we're not even taking into consideration anything that I was explaining to them after all of the time I spent researching and working on the things I was trying to implement. On the flipside there are many times and all of the people that you can turn to, I hope that you feel that I am one of them.

I hope that everyone who read this, has a different perspective on their lowest moments. They are only here to test us and wants me to come out on top we should feel even greater than we did before things fell apart. Thank you all again for reading my posts and I will continue to keep writing more often, so please subscribe to my feed and feel free to comment if you would like to. And please enjoy the song by Ricky Nelson that I mentioned earlier in this post. Until next time, be well.

, Nate

And of course, here is the link so you can preview my band's new album : The Sorrows

Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Good Ole Days may not return

Hello everyone, at this point it wouldn't even be redundant to say I'm sorry that I haven't blogged in a while. It's nearly downright embarrassing that I haven't. Especially since this is the longest I have gone without making a new post. Ironically enough, I was planning on doing this post almost a year ago. So obviously a lot has gone on between now and then. We recently released a new album called "the Sorrows" and we've already done three out of town trips to perform. In the interim, we have parted ways with some bandmembers and gain new ones. One of which literally risked life and limb on one of the tours.

The actions of our new drummer, Kenn Holley who came in literally one week before we were going to go out on the road are the complete opposite of the title of this post. I'm sure many of you recognize the title as a line from a song by The late great Tom Petty. He was certainly onto something, and that's not the only reason why I spent last summer learning a bunch of his songs. Not many people know this but Petty and his original band, Mudcrutch even threw their own music festivals in his home state of Florida. Not the other bands haven't done this since then. But these days there's a lot more red tape if you will to go through, with permits, age restrictions, liquor laws, etc. For example, one of my friends, Kore Rozzik has been throwing his own music festivals locally, Kore Fest, Which in part has become a springboard for him to be playing at other music festivals such as "Rock-Lahoma" and he has recently been signed to Cleopatra Records. Another festival that I must mention, is "Froggy Daze" which is partially run by our former bass player and Co-Engineer of our new album, Julius Heuman. The great thing about any music festival is, if you have an open mind you can be exposed to lots of new bands that you've never heard before and with each passing year most festivals just attract more and more people. Most of the shows we've played recently were considered festivals, "Smite Fest" in Williamsport,Pennsylvania,"TCI fest" in Philadelphia,PA and "Boohoo fest" in Baltimore,MD. The basic idea is strength in numbers as well. If each band can bring in a decent amount of people, times that by 10,20 or 30 bands well,you get the idea. This is one of the key elements that I feel is absent these days in the music scene. We all know about the fabled days of the British invasion, the lower Eastside Scene with CBGB's and a few decades later, the Seattle grunge scene. Most musicians have been inspired or aspire to be as successful as most of the bands that prospered during in these eras. One of the key elements that has been overlooked, is the selflessness and teamwork that all of these artists believed in. Each member of the band knew their place and new with the job was. There were less egos and a lot less detachment that we have today with all of our technology and many people don't have the same sense of community like they did in those days. This is why bands like the Beatles and Led Zeppelin were so successful. They had a bond with each other and in fact, The passing of John Bonham made the other members of the band feel that they could not continue on doing Led Zeppelin because of the close friendship making them feel that he was "irreplaceable". Personally I think this was a good choice and the only acceptable person to sit in for him would be his son Jason Bonham, which has happened on several occasions.

This kind of stuff makes me truly feel like I missed out on a great time in music and what it truly is like to be a successful artist. Yes I have had my moments performing and enjoying time with bandmates as a result of traveling out on the road to perform. However, I'm not sure if all of my former bandmates feel my sentimentality or even feel that they have bonded with me because of this. As I mentioned earlier, I was forced to find a replacement drummer about a week before I went out of town to perform shows. And this was due to our former drummer not having a sense of teamwork or what is best for the band as a whole. He simply left me no choice but to replace them because I realize that he was not a team player and had no understanding or the willingness to understand what was best for the band at the time. In his mind he was a hired gun, but session players express what they want and in writing before you even set foot in the studio with them. Also they don't and trash the bands that they've worked with publicly. This is an extreme case and I have omitted many other parts of this story but this attitude seems to be quite normal these days. People join bands temporarily with their minds on forming a separate project and not contributing to the writing process of the current band that they have joined. Keep in mind these are only internal problems. Several bands don't support other bands, and that just doesn't mean not going to see other bands play. Many people don't recommend other bands word-of-mouth, or share other bands posts or even buy CDs or other merchandise from other bands. I recall one musician that I have seen perform sever al times and even took pictures of on stage to post them on social media just as a way to keep things going in the scene. In return this person has flat out declined so my performances and when I handed them a band button, I later found the button sitting on the table instead of on their jacket. Well I'll tell you this, that's the last time I ever see that asshole perform. Afterall, as I always say : "If you don't reciprocate, you don't appreciate". No one needs to know who I'm speaking of and Yes I'm being blunt. However, I'm sure that this kind of snobbery happens more to often than not. I also recall being accused of something similar, basically (taking and not giving) I shut this person down immediately making them aware of the fact that I even helped said band get rid of some show tickets when they were performing one of those shows that they were forced to do that on (another pet peeve of mine,working for free)

Well before this just seems like some rant, I would like to make people aware of the fact that if you do help other bands it will in turn help you. Unlike the ingrate I mentioned in the last paragraph, not only will most of them appreciate it but you can learn and even be inspired by other artists that are out there doing the same thing that you do and surprisingly, vice versa.

A few months ago I was given the opportunity to attend a book premiere party hosted by Ariel Hyatt of Cyber PR. That night, I met several new people in the industry and it was set up so that each of us could share our talents with one another and offer to help each other. It was truly a breath of fresh air in an industry that at many times, makes you feel like you're gasping for some. The book that was being premiered that night is one that I'm currently reading called : "CrowdStart", which is rightfully so a #1 release on Amazon. I've already learned so much from this book and I'm only halfway through it. It really knocked me down a few notches, i've already learned so much from this book and I'm only halfway through it. It really knocked me down a few notches as to how much I'm not doing to promote.

I have to admit when I started not writing* this entry, I had no idea what I was going to say. Truthfully, I was sitting here on a Sunday afternoon in discontent over what's going on not only in my life lately but everything around me. So instead of sitting here feeling trapped, I took a few hours to bring back my blog. The one thing I did have was a theme about the lack of teamwork and community that has plauged the music industry. More importantly the local music scene. But thanks to Ms. Hyatt's book I think that this entry came around full circle from my disdain over the detachment and lethargic attitudes that have become the norm for most aspiring musicians. This is yet another issue with the current state of The music industry, people being uninformed and unaware. Reading books such as "Crowd Start" and several others that are compiled and my other blog I feel are a must for any aspiring musician or anyone that's even setting foot on a stage. The more you know the more you can share and make things better not just for your own band and others but for your audience as well, which should always be taken into consideration when you're deciding what to do and what not to do.

Thank you all for reading this and, please feel free to comment below. In case you were wondering when I said not writing this entry, I took a tip from another great author and life coach Jason Capitol who used speech to type for his entire book.

And please enjoy this video and memory of the person who inspired the title of this post, Tom Petty May He Rest in Peace