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Friday, January 24, 2020

Despite being diagnosed with Parkinson's, Ozzy Osbourne soars to the #1 spot on the Metal Charts

Yes, you heard that right. In The mists of going public about his health issues, the Prince of Darkness climbed to the #1 spot on the Metal Contraband charts this week with the first single off his forthcoming album Ordinary Man called "Under the Graveyard", which features Chad Smith, drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Duff Mckagan of Guns and Roses on Bass. The second single off Ordinary Man is entitled "Straight to Hell", also features a member of Guns and Roses, Slash on guitar. Other artists that appear on the album include,Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, Post Malone and Fellow UK music legend Elton John. Maybe Sir Elton will put in a good word in with the Queen for the Ozzman and he will be Knighted "Sir Ozzy". Has a nice ring to it doesn't it?

Judging by the sound of these first two songs, I think that Ozzy will once again deliver an album with a great mixture of his modern solo sound and the bare-bones, nitty gritty style that put him and Black Sabbath on the map many moons ago. Although I'm sure like with most of his previous releases, there will definitely be a few surprises. Ordinary Man is set to be released by Epic Records on February 21st, according to Rolling Stone.

I hope that with all these great things going on for Osbourne, they will once again overshadow his personal struggles and allow him to have many more lively and successful years to come. Ozzy grew up in poverty and started out singing with the band that would become Black Sabbath (originally named Earth) in their hometown of Birmingham England.

If you have been reading my last entries, than you probably have seen the Metal Charts from previous weeks.I must say it was truly a blessing to be on the same chart for the past few weeks as one of my main musical inspirations. Unfortunately, Imbolg did not make the charts this week and I was hoping to at least have been bumped out of our exact spot from last week by Ozzy, but it is still great to have had this insight into how the charts and radio airplay work.Special Thanks goes out to Munsey Ricci and Chelsea of Skateboard Marketing and Nelson Fernandez of Metal Contraband for making this article possible.

Please see the embedded links above for more info on upcoming charts and other Metal News, and be sure to check out the new Ozzy Osbourne songs here :

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Can I play with Madness?

How's it going everybody? As this title may or may not imply, this is about trying to maintain consistency during the holiday madness (or Iron Maiden) that I'm sure we are all breathing a sigh of relief that it's officially over. Don't get me wrong, we all know it's good to unwind a bit spend time celebrating with our friends and family. Although, for us ambitious types it has a way of throwing us off course no matter how hard we resist. Which is partly to blame for me not making an entry in almost two months.

Since my last hiatus, I was trying diligently to stay consistent. And of course like most independent art forms, we have to be self-motivated. Knowing that there is no actual authoritative obligation (accept with my readers of course) I simply had to take a a pause til when I was comfortable to write. So here I am 😊.

I'm usually not a big fan of year in review type things. But I must say, this year despite all of the low points. There have been some very high points, for both myself the band, and other bands that I know. not only did we release our second album "the Sorrows" on vinyl, but we also did our very first music video, mini tour and National radio campaign. We shared the stage & Airwaves with many great bands.

I was also able to watch many good bands perform (including two bands that I never thought I'd see live Blitzkid & the Misfits with Glenn Danzig on vocals), and take some excellent photos of them as well. I both attended, performed and helped organize quite a few Festival events. Most of which helped raise money for charities. I also took the time to speak to some of my peers about their highlights of 2019, as well as what they are hoping to accomplish in 2020.

"The highlight of my year was getting to play with Nita Strauss and do an Alice Cooper cover. Returning to some of those markets and seeing our organic underground following. The fans are out there just got to find them. [And in 2020] Making new music and building our fan base." - Kore Rozzik

I made a guest appearence in Kore's New Video

"To be in a band, as with any career aspirations for that matter, you have to be in it for the long haul if you want to see any positive results. Nothing is overnight. We've been a band playing in the NYC/Tri-State circuits and beyond for many years. For us the journey has not always been easy, but it has been a great and eye-opening experience. We've been on a very steady climb up hill over the past few years and are in higher demand than ever. 2019 has been a really good to us in particular with more highlights than we can even share; we shared the stage with several nationally renowned acts, returned to the Gramercy Theatre in NYC (where you saw us Nate), held a residency at The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie NY, working our way up from local bills to eventually get to work with legendary acts such as Ace Frehley & Yngwie Malmsteen, just to name a few. In September, we entered the studio to record new music, and are happy to say that there will most certainly be new Libricide material in 2020, along with other surprises along the way. Be on the lookout and join the conversation online!” - Dylan Stark of Libricide

"I would say the highlights for us are always the shows, but the milestones are probably the videos. Both take tremendous preparation and diligence but we work really well as a team. Beaming Right Up and Sick As Our Secrets singles and videos both came out this year. We did a lot of shows in 2019 and donated a lot to charities. 2020 is shaping up even bigger starting with Power of the Lightside single and video with many months of touring. We're just super grateful to still be driven and have the support of our families, fans and bands all over to keep this thing thriving. See you at the shows!!!" - John Polimeni of Makes My Blood Dance

"Symfinity has been playing more around the Northeast US this year. We debuted our very own Symfinifest featuring regional artists of different genres which we hope to repeat. Early next year we will be releasing our second full album, Anthem, which is mastered and currently in production." - -Seann Branchfieldof Symfinity

Well I hope all of you enjoyed this and have a very safe and prosperous 2020. I'll have more updated and interviews with other bands again soon. And more news about the upcoming release by Imbolg. And please enjoy this special video this entry was named after. I choose it because you can see Bruce Dickinson flying Ed Force One as inspiration to all you out there to see how much you can accomplish if you believe in yourself. Enjoy,Nate