Memory from a lifetime ago at Albion

I figured you may enjoy reading some of poetry,and knowing a lighter side of me,here it goes I walked slowly(or so it seemed) to the main floor,I surveyed the space around me,right to left as i walked.Then on my left out of all the darkness,a hand comes out and goes down across this women's face as she is dancing. I immediately turned to her direction as if i were drawn in magnetically to her field. As I did everything seemed to be slower,and someone in all white crossed by between us and then faded out of view.I paid no mind as I mimicked her hand movements as she brought her right hand down to her side,we then locked hands as she grabbed me to draw me in closer and kissed me. That is how I found her, again.

Why you should NEVER leave your email open near me & leave the room

I was working at a music store years ago.As most jobs were coworkers share similar interests,it becomes a group of friends,and sometimes even more so. At the Christmas party that year,on of the cashiers went home with one of the Managers(which im sure you guessed became common knowledge amongst the staff. Anyway,I was chatting with my said cashier co-worker over by a computer that she was logged on to checking her hotmail. She was abruptly called to the register to ring up a customer. A light bulb went off above my head( ding! )and I decided to email another coworker as the cashier, topic: Help. The body of the simply stated that the Manager gave the Cashier vaginal worts . I was fortunate enough to have witnessed this 3rd co-worker opening his email in shocked and anger,and the cashier was there as well denying sending the email obviously.Therefore the chaos I created was even more intense. One of my finer moments I must say.

A personal message from Nate

Hello, Previously I was using this blog to inform people about news on the band such as events, release and what not. I figured I would change it up a bit and write about some personal experiences, both related to the band as well stuff that has happened to me in my personal life that I figured people would enjoy reading. Perhaps I will just start by giving a bit of background. I grew up in a small town in New Jersey called Ridgefield Park. For most of my childhood I was shuffled in & out of schools outside of my town and it kind of made me feel out place with the other kids. But, I did get to meet people from other towns which was cool and some of these people I still talk to. I think the first song I remember hearing was "Imagine" by John Lennon and I became fan of Black Sabbath by no choice of my own. I recall my Uncle and his friends hanging out in the garage chanting "Generals gathered in their masses" in unison and I ended buying a copy of thei

Sponsored by Coffin Case: Imbolg live at Incantation's Goth Yule Celebration 12/17

On Saturday December 17th, at Uncle Mike's in Tribeca, Absolution NYC presents: "Incantation" a night of the finest Gothic recording artists with resident Dj Jason of Alchemy spinning goth music the throughout the evening.The Night will be sponsored by Coffin Case which will feature the lovely Coffinette models giving out prizes from Coffin Case including coffin shaped gig bags for the guitar hero and rock band video games. Musical acts will include Melvin R. Ylagan, Imbolg, Ninth House , the SpiderLilies (featuring former members of the Cruxshadows) and the Missing. Doors open at 8:30 PM Admission is $10 for all patrons 21 and over with ID Uncle Mike's is located at: 57 Murray St, in New York,NY. For more information please visit : See the Facebook event here:!/events/257414127641374/

New live show videos from BerlinNYC

The first 3 videos have links for free mp3 downloads See our You Tube Channel for more info

ATTN: Fans FREE downloads & Merchandise

We want to welcome all of you to join our online street team. Its free & simple. For those of you that like our stuff it will seriously help us get ahead. all you need to do sign up in the link below when we have a street team mission you just repost for us.its that simple bands survive on word of mouth, so we need our fans to help spread the word for us.It wont take too much of yer time & the benefits will be tremendous to all. So even before the mission, please repost any links we put up. PS for those of you in NYC, check us out on November 26th at Konnollys Pub-more on that later Not near NYC? demand that we come to your city & you'll be the first to know when we do

Imbolg album is now availible for download

The cds will be done soon.Contact us if you would like to pre order them thescroll[at] Premiere release from this Gothic band that hails from NY is sure to please the senses with a few surprises for the synth loving and metal crowds.A favorite for Djs with some danceable tracks such as "Duisigh(Awaken)","Winter's Bane" and more .This album reflects the band's Celtic roots as it depicts a loosely based theme using words in Irish Gaelic. Cd Baby iTunes