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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Lucky Man and a Digressing Society caused by social media

Hello all. In this the last entry that I will make in 2020, I wasn't intending for this to be any type of "year in review" or "recap" of sorts. After all, the general consensus is that this year really sucked. So why even attempt to pinpoint a few highlights, since they're really weren't any. My focus in this entry was mainly on how social media has really affected our society for the worst. You can even say it has made us de-evolutionized. Believe it or not, this is where the band Devo got their name. But that has been overshadowed by their song "Whip it" being the first one to have a video on MTV. My other objective is to form a bridge between this and my new web series : Talking straight with Nate. Which just like this, has a variety of topics equated with music, life and motivation. But I will also be doing some reviews, on-location shoots, unboxings and in the future I'm planning on doing some interviews. And I will also do some more videos, I'm one of my new favorite shows Cobra Kai. I am well aware of the undertaking this will be, since there are plenty of great channels out there hosting content on the show, and some of the other topics that I have mentioned. But, I've already taken my first steps and I've made some progress since I started with the idea. After all like Earl Nightingale had said : "it all starts with an idea", something I've already included in one of my videos. With all the things that have transpired this past year, I couldn't help but notice how divided people are now more than ever. Despite the fact that we are all effected in some way or another by this pandemic. I don't know how other countries have reacted to this, but here in the United States we have ironically enough use this as a way to divide ourselves even further. Despite that, we've found ourselves arguing over specifically whose lives matter. As to not have my words misconstrued (which as you may or may not know has already happened this year on another topic) I tried my best to focus on what I believed was the most important out of what we feel matters. And that is : that things MUST change. We as a society must not accept killing of anybody that's in police custody. And no one should ever be more likely to be a victim of this because of their race. We were right (and it is our right) to protest against it in a peaceful manner and we should do so whenever there is any form of injustice and oppression of the people. That's as simply as I can put it. I didn't want to touch on any sensitive topics or political ones, but this has just been on my mind and after what I'm about to say, you'll realize why I chose not to speak about it on social media.

I am aware of the fact that I'm just one person, putting your opinion out there on a topic that concerns many people will always have opposing views and has caused a divide. This is why I am picking out a few root byproducts of what social media has done our society.

Got time but you ain't got time for me

Thank You Life of Agony for making me aware that that phrase exists. We have simply seen that it's much easier to just dismiss somebody that you're speaking to over the internet then try and listen to an opposing view objectively or at the very least agree to disagree. Nobody sees they need to do that, they can simply "unfriend" or "block" even if this is someone that they've known for years. Social media has become everything. Completely dissolving a friendship over a comment on a post? I cant even believe im typing that. So it's obviously redefined the word "friend" making it a more superficial, disopable definituon of the previous one. I've seen firsthand how people can freely spout off their opinion, while shouting out immature insults to somebody who could very well be thousands of miles away simply because they know that with the press of a button there will not be any consequences for what they did. Hence the term "Keyboard Warrior". After all, most people think of the consequences before even considering committing some crime. If you take the consequences out, then it's basically open season, that looming threat keeps us all in check. I was told about this concept many years ago when we were still using AOL to communicate on the internet. I was urged by a friend to just say whatever I wanted because it was online and nobody cared. Boy was he wrong! I did run into the person I mouthed off to. Even though there wasn't any physical fight there was a confrontation that needed to be settled which, I did amicably. My point is, this has been so common and ingrained into the minds of the younger people who were "born into this" world when technology has influenced this type of behavior that they feel this is totally acceptable. And like myself, I'm sure several of these people that were "born into this" will sooner or later see that acting this way will have dire consequences.

All the World's a stage

Thank you RUSH. This goes along with the last thing I was saying. People feel that it's completely normal to share information about their lives freely. Myself included. Many state personal things and don't comprehend that when they post something publicly not only can it be used against them later, but it's posted for everyone to see and other people will give their opinions on it. Both of these topics are intertwined in so many ways since they are both caused by impulsivity and Lack of self evaluation. I'm not talkin about joyous things such as a child coming into the world, a graduation, a promotion, Etc.

I'm mainly speaking about political opinions, domestic issues and interpersonal disputes. I've seen so much of it over the years and I am utterly embarrassed when I see some memory coming up where I felt that I had to tell everybody what I was thinking and feeling at that moment. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. I feel that that mindset has prevented me from wasting much of my valuable time arguing with other people that may rudely react with a 😂 at my opinion not caring if somebody else is insulted by that. Why would they? Remember : there are no consequences. I've also seen some things that I could have commented on, but just decided not to. But that's just me. I was taught early on in life that sometimes being the bigger man isn't about getting the last word, it's the person who just puts an end to everything and walks away.

I've noticed that there are plenty of people that feel they have the right to interject into something with no good intentions in mind, just because they felt that everyone must hear their voice, whether they were invited to or not. That's what a "Troll" is right? Isn't that another term that we've come up with in this mdern age? I recall somebody saying that about me, basically because they fell victim to one of my classic pranks and their ego was too bruised to admit that they fell for it. And again, no consequences because I know this person wouldn't have the balls to say it to my face. But obviously I got the last laugh haha Which is another side effective this new world we live in. Overly inflated egos. I've seen people really causing undo drama over such miniscule things like this. Especially recently. This whole thing with all the shutdowns and people not having much to do has forced some people that weren't productive when there was things to do to just focus on things like these. One of my thoughts I did share a few months ago after being enlightened by what has happened these past few months "People who had nothing better to do, now have nothing to do at all". Fortunately like a recent article had reminded me, my generation was prepared for all of this and I even looked forward to my down time to focus on projects such as this and to keep creating. What a Lucky Man, I am.

My apologies if this seems like a lot of pessimism but, I truly feel that things have really changed even since I was a child. People have been so affected by the changes in the world that we've become more accusatory, unforgiving, not giving anyone the benefit of the doubt, and lacking empathy for others. Afterall, it would take away focus from taking hundreds of selfies a day. Everything that has gone on these past few months was an opportunity for us to work together and re-examine things to change for the better and have gratitude for what we have in the midst job loss, insomnia, declining mental health, businesses closing down and the worst thing literally no contact with each other. We've simply accepted that everything should just be done virtually. It's a good compromise for now. But in 20 or 30 years from now, do people really want to remember this by looking at their graduation or wedding video and seeing everyone watching on Zoom wearing a mask? If you are one of my regular readers, you'll know that even just that has caused a problem for me. Early on, I stated my opinion in hopes that people would question what they were being told to do.This was the norm for past Generations. But not now. Everyone sitting around having the Pandemic, COVID and the vaccine shoved in our faces constantly by the news media (turn on your TV, you can't go more than a minute or two without being reminded of this like we don't already know) and their agenda making everyone scared to death and responding by running out and hoarding toilet paper. And anyone who's reminding them of how frightened they are, is labeled a troublemaker, stupid or crazy. That's just the ego talking because nobody wants to admit that they are frightened. That's a completely normal emotion. So now expressing any emotions will be foreign to these people that are "born into" this? Now that's frightening! Fear is just one thing that will be removed from their psyches, I've already given examples of empathy and common courtesy being removed. What's next? Obviously it's already starting to happen, people are just going to go along with what they're being scared into doing and it's going to keep on getting progressively more extreme. I'm relieved in a way that some of these people have renounce me if you will, all I did was put a mirror in front of them and they didn't like what they saw. I never stated that any of this isn't real , I just found it really odd that in this late stage of the game they decided to implement these things on us. It was very meticulous it's the equivalent of the EPA testing soil and finding cancer-causing radiation while wearing protective equipment and just making people aware of it while knowing full well what precautions they need to take to protect themselves and waiting months to make mandates the people must wear this protective equipment while previously allowing people to enter this contaminated area knowing that they were at risk a falling l. True friend tells it like it is, that's why I named my show "Talking Straight with Nate". I meant my personality lacks certain attributes, one of them is being a "Yes Man", sugarcoating things, or dancing around the truth. I try to be blunt and honest. Because anything else would be a disservice to other people.

I really hope that everyone has a great New Year, and has learned to have gratitude and appreciate the many blessings that we all have in life( I know I sure have). I invite all of you to please watch this latest installment of my web series, preferably before 12:00 Midnight on New Year's Eve. I think this is something that all of us, despite our differences that we will agree on as a way to appropriately say goodbye to this crappy year...


Thursday, November 5, 2020

Pagan-Inspired Musical Collective IMBOLG Reveals New Video for “Red Devil” from The Sorrows Album

via Adrenaline PR

Latest News :



Watch “Red Devil,” Featuring Pro Wrestler Tracy Wayne Gacy  

New York City pagan-inspired musical collective IMBOLG has released a new video for “Red Devil” from the group’s sophomore album, The Sorrows.

Filmed at Smash studios in NYC with Derek Soto of Sinestra Studios, “Red Devil” features an appearance by model and professional wrestler Tracy Wayne Gacy. Watch the video now at

“The tone of the video is set in line with the lyrics,” says vocalist/guitarist Nate Dal Cais. “It describes the desire for a woman referred to as ‘Red Devil,’ who appears dancing and gazing into the camera to solidify the concept of her being the muse.”

Founded by Dal Cais, the goth-pagan metal band is named after the late winter Celtic pagan holiday also known as Candlemas. IMBOLG’s distinctive style is known for dark, melodic and often heavy sounds mixed with synthesizers reminiscent of a variety of dark musical artists, including Type O Negative, The Misfits, Black Sabbath, Paradise Lost and The 69 Eyes. IMBOLG takes their pagan influences seriously, beginning of each live show with a pagan ritual that entails the burning of sage and incense, connecting the band and its fans as “one.” The band’s pre-show ritual was even noted in Goth-music author Mick Mercer’s book Music to Die For: The International Guide to Today’s Extreme Music Scene. Their notable live show has been taken throughout the United States, as well as locally at NYC’s Witchfest.

IMBOLG’s 2018 album, The Sorrows, was released via Forever Autumn Records on Cd and Vinyl LP and also reached number nine on the North American College & Community Radio charts.

IMBOLG is made up of Nate Dal Cais, bassist Kitty Hawke, keyboardist Hannah Stejnbok, drummer Ken Holley and backing vocalist Mark Demon.

IMBOLG’s obvious willingness to incorporate a progressive landscape of meter signatures and genre stylings, in fact, are ultimately what sets them apart from many self-proclaimed gothic artists, and will indeed be what serves them best and carries them forward…” – Gothic Beauty

“…a distinctly odd record, full of majestic elements and delivered with a full-on immediacy that never relies on outright power… for a debut though this is truly tantalizing.” – Mick Mercer, Author of Music To Die For

IMBOLG online: 

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Dive Bombs from Heaven : a Tribute to Eddie Van Halen

Hi everyone, as all of you know about two and a half weeks ago the Rock World lost a true legend and most likely the greatest, most influential guitar player to ever live: Eddie Van Halen

As late as this tribute may seem, and impersonal. Due to the fact that I never had the pleasure of even meeting the man, I'm sure many who enjoyed his music and quite possibly inspired to play guitar because of him can relate to how is truly personal this actually is for me and many others.

So where do I begin? At the beginning of course (well for me anyway). Despite the fact that my age wasn't even in the double digits when I discovered Van Halen, I became a fan a little bit later in the game than many. My cousins and their friends had turned me on to Van Halen. I remember taking trips with them to the local mall,clamoring on while in route piled into my Aunt's van while we expressed how awesome we thought that band is. "In his book,they are the best!" my cousin Joey's friend Bobby had said pointing to my cousin while immediately making a fist in order to unknowingly emphasize his excitement. Obviously on one of these trips I bought one of their albums, which I believe quite possibly the first did I ever had gotten on vinyl. And I still have it btw :

Of course around this time, MTV was pretty much a new thing and of course Van Halen was a major part of it. I don't think any of their albums before the groundbreaking "1984" had any major music videos, but I know this album had produced at least three that are considered classics today. This being the first that comes to mind :

I don't really need to tell anybody what a music video does to enhance a band's popularity, but I will anyway LOL. With the added visual experience and Television's ability to reach more people than ever before, it made all of the band's popularity skyrocket. Especially videos for bands such as Van Halen, not only had musical prowess but eye candy for pretty much everybody watching.

I really wish that I had got to see Van Halen perform live, an experience much more powerful than. seeing them in the 2 dimensional. An experience so powerful and monumental the writers of the cartoon South Park decided to make Van Halen responsible for ending the struggle for control of Jerusalem that is been going on for thousands of years once and for all by people of all faiths coming together at their concert and making peace after discovering their mutual love for Van Halen. Of course this didn't really happen, but just the fact that a few writers of a very popular show thought of this really says something about how much of an impact Van Halen has made on the world.

One the best Van Halen concert stories I heard was from a friend who saw Van Halen perform along side of Quiet Riot on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles,CA. This was before either band had become National Acts so, the audience that night witnessed two guitar legends perform as Randy Rhoads(more recognized for performing with Ozzy Osbourne) was also a founding member of Quiet Riot. What a show that must have been!

I'm sure there are thousands of stories like these from people all over the world who were touched by the music Eddie Van Halen was partly responsible for bringing to the world. Like I said in my last post about Rush, the Van Halen logo was also written on walls and notebooks, etched onto desks over the place that I'm sure could still be found today. In my opinion this is probably the most popular rock based graffiti ever. All this is just some of the evidence of how much the music we grew up on defines us. For many,it shaped who we are and how we interacted with others. This is why so many people that have never even met Eddie Van Halen or any famous musician feel this as a personal loss as if they lost a family member or close friend. Because it is a personal loss. like many who study different forms of spirituality,some often view their relationship with God or whatever deity they choose to worship or interact with as a personal one. Think about how you feel when one of your favorite songs comes on, that rush of emotion, the excitement. For most it doesn't even matter if it's a song that you been listening to for years,it may even trigger you to remember when you first heard it and what was going on in your life. Or you may even associate your favorite songs with some great memories.

Certainly not everybody can understand the level of intense feelings that some of us have towards music and the loss of our idols, but that's fine. I myself was not only in tears when I first learn of Eddie's passing, but I was really taken aback,shocked and very saddened for many days after. Grieving is a personal thing, and even though there are healthy and unhealthy ways of coping with it it's very rare that anyone grieves exactly the way somebody else does. Even though stages of grief have been determined,it's a process that I don't think can fully be explained by science. And just like good feelings be triggered,so can feelings of grief and sadness. So it's not right to judge anyone for grieving for another even if this somebody that died is someone that by social definition, they did not know.

I've already stated in part how influential Eddie Van Halen and his music are on my life. Listening to them so early in life, being inspired to play guitar by him and witnessing some of their music being used as a soundtrack to the highlight films for my high school football team. Specifically "Dreams" & "Standing on top of the World". Very appropriate for a bunch of young athletic guys determined to win a championship. And of course as a guitar player, he inspired me to try to reach the highest heights is possible (If only the people around me felt this way). learning how to play guitar masterpieces, such as "Eruption" was such an exhilarating feeling. I do feel as if I was on another plane, like Heaven(you maybe thinking : there's that word again). For many months now,the very end of that song has been my phone's ringtone. And when it came to deciding on a guitar amp, as usual I picked a Peavey. And not just any Peavey, the original 5150 guitar head design by Eddie Van Halen that I still owe on to this day.

So I think that myself and music fans around the world,owe Eddie Van Halen & his bandmates,David Lee Roth,Michael Anthony,Sammy Hagar,and his Brother Alex Van Halen and his Son, Wolfgang Van Halen a huge thank you. I don't think that I would have even formed a band if it wasn't for Van Halen.Condolences to his Family and all who had the pleasure of knowing him(in any way,shape or form).

I chose the name of this entry as a way to not only comfort others who I felt his loss,but as a way to express how I feel about what happens when somebody passes on to how I feel about what happens when somebody passes on to the other realm. Their spirit,their power,and gifts become greater and can be felt by those who were inspired by them. So in essence,I do believe they become a force of nature. Most people pass on hoping those in mourning will not be sad for long. And as impossible as it seems,I was hoping to steer attention off of the fact that he had just died and on to what he gave to all of us. After all,if we are able to look past all of the pain of losing another, we can realize that in the end all that really matters is love.

Thank you all for reading this,and I hope this brings you comfort anytime you are grieving. Please enjoy this short audio piece of Eddie playing (you'll know what song it's from) that I had put together with some artwork I found and words that I had expressed to honor the one and only Eddie Van Halen

Stay well everybody, Natexoxo

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Farewell to a King , a Birthday tribute to Neil Peart

Hello everyone, after everything that's been happening in the world these past few months I figured it would be good to pick right back up on a piece I was planning on doing months ago. About a Man that most of us are familiar with in some way,shape, or form. Or at the very least, have heard of the band that he took to new heights, Rush

Yes, Im talking none of them the one and only Neil Peart who would have been celebrating his 68th birthday today, if he didn't pass away earlier this year. The name Neil Peart is now synonymous with the term "best drummer in the world" even though his lyrical contributions to his band were also a key element to their success. It's ironic to think that when they started out, Neil wasn't even part of Rush. But after a mutual friend of Neil's encouraged him to audition for Vocalist/Bassist Geddy Lee and Guitarist Alex Lifeson He joined the group for their second album "Fly by Night" along with their first tour of the U.S. and the rest as they say is history. On the flip side, it's a bit scary thing of what may have become of Rush if Neil never joined. I have no doubt in my mind that if that had been the case, Neil still would have went on to be the backbone and lyricist for another successful group, if not several. It's quite impressive that at the age of 18, Peart traveled from his native Canada all the way over to England in pursuit of his dream. Only ironically enough only to have found it back where he started.

Many people, including myself were fortune enough to witness Rush perform live. Even though me and my friends got turned on to them many years after their debut, we'd found evidence of their early success by flipping through old high school yearbooks and seeing the kids rocking Rush shirts or finding some form of graffiti that was written on desks in school or on the bathroom walls (unfortunately not from the Prophets though) mostly comprised of their logo and the pentacle which was part of the artwork for their iconic concept album,"2112". However, nothing beats seeing them actually perform live. It's a great feeling being amongst all of their fellow fans, looking out in any direction and seeing several people playing air drums perfectly in sync with Neil. And I'm sure most of them, like myself are not truly drummers and the decent amount of them have probably never even picked up a drumstick(the wooden kind I mean). But all in all that was the magic of a live Rush concert, they just empowered you in such a way that you felt you could emulate Neil's prowess. I'll leave this here so you can see for yourself, I'm sure this will bring back great memories for a lot of people.

It goes without saying that Neil Peart has influenced several musicians throughout the decades, and will continue to do so for as long as people are able to hear his music. A few of them allowed me to share their words about Neil after he had just passed away. Starting with my own drummer, Ken Holley :

"It’s difficult to say just a few words about Neil Peart. He was a force to be reckoned with both as a drummer and lyricist...As a drummer, he was arguably THE best rock drummer to have walked the planet. That said, he was a humble man who didn’t believe that being a musician was a competition. He was completely self taught and played multiple genres of music with the same amazing precision he played the progressive rock music he wrote...Neil was often referred to as “The Professor”...not just because of how cleanly he played but for his humility and willingness to teach other drummers (basic technique to beginners, more advanced rudiments and licks for the more advanced). His influence amongst drummers is only limited by those who have not heard him play...Rest In Peace, Professor! You were a tremendous musical influence in my life as well as many others! May you always be remembered well! You will be missed by all."

“Not only was Neil Peart one of my biggest drumming influences, but, life influences as well. I was such a fan, that I actually wrote Mr. Peart about what to do after I graduated high school: keep playing in bands, go to a music school like Berkeley or go to a regular university. 6 months later, he actually wrote back! “From the desk of Neil Peart... “ I was in shock. He said playing in bands can lead to a frustrating dead end, going to a music school like Berkeley would be great but going to a liberal arts college would give you the benefit of a well rounded education”. So, that’s what I did! I went to the University of Minnesota. Haha!"-John Servo of Panzie,BILE,16 Volt,and Hellbent(formely of)Chemlab, KMFDM, Daniel Ash, Sister Machine Gun, Maniac Rise, Wrath of Killenstein

When I asked him for his quote, Servo had informed me that at that very moment he was listening to Rush's "Caress of Steel" album and rocking his "Hemispheres" tour shirt. Yet Another example of the magic that is Rush

Of course like any great artists, Rush had a way with writing songs that people could relate to. Growing up in the suburbs, this is one of my favorite songs by them which I'm listening to as I'm writing this(and yes, im involuntarily playing air drums along with it)

"Neill wasn't the reason I started playing drums, but he certainly is the reason I started my journey into more complex drumming. After hearing Moving Pictures I thought drumming was either hard rock or swing. Rush opened my eyes, ears and mind to serch out more progressive music. If it weren't for Neil Peart, I wouldn't have considered Yes, Jethro Tull, King Crimson or Mahavishnu Orchestra. This was the leap I took after hearing Neil play for the first time and I thank him for it. Later, the biggest influence he would have on me is his lyrics and his ability to write either a good story or express some deep emotions. THAT was a huge influence."- Runt Wahh of Vague Perception/By Blood Alone

"Can't say anything as a drummer, but as a lyricist, I certainly can. Just what a songwriter! His fantasy stuff, his Ayn Rand influenced stuff, the philosophical, political, humanitarian "stuff" was just great. "Subdivisions" is literately, a lyrical masterpiece. "The Trees"? WOW! I could go on and on (and on) with great songs/lines that he has written. And as a music fanatic: Yeah, what a drummer. I know for a fact, the drummer in my band, IS a drummer, *because* Neil. Enough said..." Amber Lynn of Vague Perception

Ah! "the Trees", another favorite. I actually learned this piece and played so repetitively, that I gave a decent amount of my friends headaches lol

"Hi Imbolg, This is an important breakthrough of healing for Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush, to, publicly knowledge the tributes and outpouring the Rush Family has expressed in love and respect of Neil Peart. Please, let's show Geddy and Alex as much love as possible on their healing journey". Thank you for your kind support, Paul,Zest Radio

Thank you all for reading this. Whether you're a longtime fan of Rush or not, this will give you a a sense of how greatly this band has effected the lives of many. In closing, i'm going to have to plagiarize myself, and share what I originally posted after I found out that Neil had died. Since the message is still true.

Be Well all,

Nate xoxo

"The message in this song Echoes much stronger after losing Neil. It's easier said than done, but I hope that all of us will be able to absorb the message in this song and cherish the moments that we have with our friends and loved ones and not squander them or take them for granted. To Neil Peart, where can we begin to talk about the impact you've had on music and generations of musicians. The story of how your determination as a very young artist had you to traveling to England in an attempt to become a professional musician. Obviously you did that and much more. Strangely enough today as I was writing some lyrics, I decided to listen to two Rush songs not knowing about this. This is the last song I heard today so far. Thank you for all the great performances and memories. Myself and many other musicians are eternally indebted to you."

Please be sure to watch the the Modern Drummer Festival with a Tribute to Neil Pratt which airs live Tonight at 8pm EST

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Tell me what you want

Please See this link and find out how you can help save lives

Hello all, please don't let Uncle Sam make assume what this is about. Because this is NOT by any means a political post. Many of you know that I never post about that topic,but still just needed to inform you. After my last entry I decided to pause for a little while in hopes that what I was saying would seep into the hearts and minds of those willing to listen. Not to mention, even though we've been inundated with plenty of updates and theories since then, what I spoke about previously is still a current topic.

This is easier said than done of course, but instead of allowing what's going on in the world and everyone's opposing views to suppress me, I chose to take a chance at gaining some new momentum. Even though we are all in this together, which has even become sort of a slogan it's quite obvious that people deal with this very differently based on their own personal experiences. I for one, have grown accustomed to extremely long periods of delays in progress and stagnation. Mainly due to my past experiences trying to get my albums recorded and being forced to deal with individuals that didn't share my passion and were not nearly as motivated or took any pride in the finished product as I have,even though my last album charted. I won't dwell on that, except to point out that I did learn my lesson and I left those who try to hold me down in the past as their attitudes that have rightfully served them (karma wise) since they accomplished very little in the music industry. I do admit that I had the blinders on when I saw that people were simply just going along with everything the news media have been telling them to do. This is of course because I have seen time and time again how we were slowly lead to where we are right now.

After choosing the title of my last post, the song the title was taken from reminded me of where I had heard for the first time on the show the Wonder Years . If you haven't seen this show yet or need something to watch right now(please don't make me say the Q word)I highly recommend it. I found myself rewatching it again, as it was always a favorite especially since I was the same age as the main character when the show first aired(and like Kevin and Winnie I had my first kiss at that age too). And surprisingly enough, at the start of one episode they even mention my hometown Ridgefield Park,NJ.So I naturally identified with most of the subject matter(even though it was set 20 years earlier). Looking past all the reminiscing and the tear jerking finale (whether you admit to it or not),which aired exactly 27 year ago yesterday. A fact reminded to us by Danica McKellar (who played Winnie Cooper on the show) when She posted on TikTok. I found out I always try and dig further into any form of media that interests me. I think learning about the inspiration for a show,a song,book,etc. gives me a better understanding of how it was created. Even though I admittedly get too engrossed in shows or movies at times this show pointed out a few key things we usually end up learning on our own and sometimes later than we needed to. One thing in particular is:

Life never turns out how we planned it
Look at what is happening right now, who would have thought last year that we would be living the way we do. Human interactions are almost non-existent and may never be the same as they once were. That is what truly scares me.

My words and videos did cause some controversy and I know that it was directly caused by our pre-conditioning to "Social Distancing" and these other mandates. Not to mention people's lack of examining an issue as a whole,which causes confusion and accusations. I know most can relate to how things once were before the internet,cell phones,social media and what not. As these things and other technology became more advanced and part of our lives,people started to grow further apart. Ironically enough as they make it easier to communicate. Or so we thought. Plenty of messages get lost in translation within a text as opposed to over the phone or in person. You miss vocal tones,cues and body language. Let's face it, in many ways to art of conversation is dead or at least on life support. Any Woman that has been on Fakebook(not a typo,see my last post) and received a message from a random guy stating his desires in a vulgar manner can attest to this. On the upside live streams and video messaging may bring communication back to where it once was, but there is still much to be rediscovered. I also recall seeing a post from a friend about how She spotted a guy She was attracted to on the train, but She went unnoticed because He was too engrossed in something on his phone. Imagine what could have been "if only".

We all have our own lessons to learn and things we will take away from this time. As I stated before,even though we are all effected we are still divided. I hope this time has that at the very least caused many inconveniences as a consumer, if not death or unemployment helps us learn some gratitude for the simple things. Things that were so easy to obtain just a few short months ago are unavailable or delayed. And of course I hope it also forces you to ask questions,not just about this situation but to yourself and to other people. As a musician who hasn't had the good fortune of a deal with a major label, a close relative that has obtained success themselves in the business or being born into a wealthy family I have had to rely on honing my craft,educating myself and building good relations with anyone I meet. Telling people what they want only works if you have millions to advertise on every tv network,radio station,billboard,magazine and perform in as many places as possible.Let's face it,we have all been sucked into mass advertising ploys in some way,shape or form.

I recall attending a show and introducing myself to another singer I knew of,only to get a quick hello and a button handed to me before being dismissed. Obviously,that button was never pinned on my jacket and got lost. Simply because in this guy's mind that was all I existed for. Just another face in the crowd to support his art,which would obviously not be reciprocated. In turn, I recall speaking to other artists who both appreciated my questions and admitted they were craving a conversation about what moves them and the chance to explain their motives and inspirations. This reminds me of the night I met Tina Root of Switchblade Symphony many moons ago at the Wetlands in NYC. And the same night I met Peter Steele of Type O Negative. Unable to locate a marker to ironically enough have him autograph the shirt I was wearing which I bought the last time I saw him perform live(if memory serves me correctly and anyone who knows me knows that mine usually does) I got a simple "Good luck" as I told him that I perform in a band too and watching him raise his head back up to standing straight from crouching down to speak to me, a guy who barely came up just past his elbow and wished him a good night as to not be a nuisance. Just figured I'd take the opportunity to finally share that with all of you.

So as to not overstate the point I was trying to make, I urge all of you to "Tell me what you want" in the comments section below. You are welcome to comment below or if you feel it's too personal or something you can't answer right now, tell me later or Just go after it! Knowing what you want is empowering and will protect you from just going along with what regiments are thrown at us (sometimes) under the guise of safety and your well being.Now I already told you what I want(even though Uncle Sam told you for Me) so I am really looking forward to hearing what you have to say and what I can learn from all of you.

I will leave you with the song that helped me create this entry by the band Zebra whose lead singer, Randy Jackson I also had the pleasure of meeting at a local charity event for the USO

I hope you are doing well.Until next time, stay safe everyone.


And here's a quick intro to the Wonder Years

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

There's something happening here : the curve is dividing us

Please See this link and find out how you can help save lives

Hello everybody, when news of this pandemic hit I told myself I was not going to write about it. But like it or not, there is really no way of going about your day(whether you're staying at home or going to work, sorry but the word "Quarantined" is not truly by definition what the public is being told to do, look it up) without being inundated by the latest update on this crisis. The news media is supposed to keep us informed but it seems like it entire news segments are dedicated to this directly and indirectly. Not to mention daily press conferences by the public officials. This has obviously contributed to the Widespread Panic which it's already in place due to the fact that the Coronavirus is deadly. However the facts still prove that more people have died of other illnesses that have not received as much publicity. Not to mention the possibility that many of the recent deaths were reported as falsely of being caused by the virus.

One of the things that has really baffled me, is the fact that not only has this turned into a political issue but also like politics, this has driven a wedge between many people over their conflicting opinions, which could have been formed simply by someone having a different sources of information made available to them. And we all know the old saying about opinions don't we?

I myself have noticed people that generally got along with each other are turning on one another. People that were once close friends are no longer speaking. And more superficially,I have also been the victim of many verbal attacks, based on a few posts I made on Facebook and videos I made on You Tube. Before I said anything, I realized that everyone is entitled to their opinion. And I was hoping that there was the possibility of becoming more informed on this topic. Let's face it, nobody knows everything. Even if you research this and watch the news 24/7. Something I don't recommend anyone doing, I think that the Panic the media created is another fine example of the concept that none other than Marilyn Manson had spoken about called "Fear and Consumption"(hence the mass overbuying of Toilet paper and other items). Luckily stores like Trader Joe's have regulated only 2 like items per customer. I was so surprised by the outpouring of comments from people. Mainly because on average most of my posts (which are generally about my music) don't get nearly as much of a response as this. I find that to be somewhat amusing that people that have never interacted with one of my posts prior have such a grand opinion about me, my motivations for doing this and the fact that I should not be doing it. Those who having issue with me making a statement in general, are probably used to the fact that their own rights are being taken away from them that they forgot that everyone has them. I think generally, many of these people simply glanced over the posts, saw only what pertained to them and decided to react accordingly. For those who oppose me, they either decide to unfriend, block me or do so after making remarks. Many times included childish, and unnecessary insults. Which I took with a grain of salt of course. Some of these people posted things that annoyed me and I simply "kept scrolling" as they say. Like Ben Franklin said "I may disagree with what you say,but I will defend to the death your right to say it".As I had stated earlier, many of those who had an issue with what I was saying never bothered to interact with me until that point. Save for maybe one or two people, none of them have ever giving me condolences when I had lost a loved one or congratulated me when I posted about an achievement that I was proud of. Facebook seems to have a lot to do with the perversion of the word "friend". Were these people truly my friends? Absolutely not! Maybe is it should be called "Fakebook". I had noticed that coincidentally,most of the people that decided to disassociate with me are part of a click from the city I live in. I never thought a group that prides themselves on going against the mainstream and is interested in death and other macabre themes would have lashed out at me like this. I know these people personally, and I can attest that I have treated all of them at the very least with respect and consideration. Some of whom I have looked out for as a friend and help promote their events. But in one Fell Swoop, their opinion of me has been altered over a few blinks of an eye without even being adult enough to give me the benefit of the doubt or tried speaking with my privately. Nobody even acknowledged that I gave well wishes to all those who have lost their lives, or provided links along with the videos on how to help saves lives. Overlooked of course because people only dwell on what pertains to them and the negative. Maybe the statement I made referring to people as "Sheep" was too much to handle because we are in fact comfortable with going along with what we are being told without question that pointing it out in such a manner had people up in arms. Maybe they are mad with themselves and decided to project it on to me for pointing it out.

I was trying to get people to think, and to revolt (which by ignoring My request to not comment, they allowed me to achieve this) So getting hated is of no concern (Thank you again Marilyn Manson). My point was grossly misconstrued sadly, even though I don't feel that I failed since I evoked emotion. People saw the object in each statement and not the message. Whether it was being forced to wait on ridiculously long lines (if you know history this was common under the communist regime) or being forced into wearing masks. Noticed the word "forced"? and who is doing the enforcing? These measures are being taken for safety reasons. But no more than a few weeks prior(when it's safe to say we we're more likely to have contracted COVID-19) These measures where not in place when they should have been. They are being enforced for our safety right? Like wearing gloves and washing our hands (which I do religiously) They knew about the effectiveness of these measures from the start right? Again,I'm baffled that many are complying and not questioning this (especially since our World leaders have time and time again have proven to be untrustworthy). Instead I get words put in my mouth and shunned,hence why this Meme of me was created (because many people I tried talking to civilly are still of a high school mentality and have refused to listen and believed what gossip they "heard" with no proof)

I do not wish to seek the approval or forgiveness of this group. I've been ganged up on before in actual fights and have been bullied, even though I always stand up for myself. Why wouldn't I? if they realized that they were wrong to treat me this way,ego would prevent them from giving an apology (or accepting one for that matter). I think during this time of "social distancing" many of us (myself included) should try to learn social graces like the aforementioned accepting that others have the right to their opinions,giving others the benefit of the doubt and forgiveness just to name a few. Im sure not one of them can name a single song off one of my albums,seen my band play live, or has spoken highly of me when I am not around. I am reminded of something an actual friend told me "Go where you are celebrated,not where you are tolerated".

This however did have a reverse effect, as people who genuinely like,value and love me came forth to show their support sincerely and passionately. And I do thank each and every one of them for doing so. These are people that can vouch for my character and vice versa,so they would not judge me on a whim and assume that I am being disrespectful or wish anyone harm.Because I do not.I learned early on to trust my gut,and something seemed off about the new mandate of being forced to wear a mask.I was also taught to speak out,even if I am the only voice,in hopes of inspiring others,building a sense of unity and help bring about change. This is a Country formed on rebellion,a Country who's people protested so intensely that they stopped a war! It is our right and responsibility to fight for what we believe in.Especially as Rock musicians.The entire appeal that created rock was the rebellion,sticking it to the man,freedom not surrending our rights,ability to think and question without fear. Obviously those who have turned their backs on me are not of this mindset. True the 1960's are long gone and many people didn't experience it first hand. I for one have learned plenty from this era and many topics are still prevalent today : Freedom,Equal rights for people of all Genders,Races,Social and Economic backgrounds. Not to mention valuing the opinions of others and a general sense of community. Which why I chose the first line of a particular Buffalo Springfield song as the title of this entry. Many of the lyrics pertain to what is going on right now (see below)

As we all know, we are all in this together, and life will never be the same again. I truly hope that this brings forth a positive change in society. There is not a single person who has not been effected by this either economically,psychically or mentally. I have been doing my best to check in on all of my friends. We have already shown resilience by continuing our events through live streams from home and I urge everyone to support those who are doing so and to keep doing them.

Thank you for reading this, I know it was long but when the inspiration comes I must abide. And Especially to all who inspired this (even though I know I most of them won't read this).Please Subscribe to my You Tube as I will continue to make more videos with helpful tips.

Stay safe and be Well, Love


I urge all of you to watch this :

The know infamous You Tube video I made that sparked this personal controversy :

And my follow up video (which got half the views so far)

Friday, January 24, 2020

Despite being diagnosed with Parkinson's, Ozzy Osbourne soars to the #1 spot on the Metal Charts

Yes, you heard that right. In The mists of going public about his health issues, the Prince of Darkness climbed to the #1 spot on the Metal Contraband charts this week with the first single off his forthcoming album Ordinary Man called "Under the Graveyard", which features Chad Smith, drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Duff Mckagan of Guns and Roses on Bass. The second single off Ordinary Man is entitled "Straight to Hell", also features a member of Guns and Roses, Slash on guitar. Other artists that appear on the album include,Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, Post Malone and Fellow UK music legend Elton John. Maybe Sir Elton will put in a good word in with the Queen for the Ozzman and he will be Knighted "Sir Ozzy". Has a nice ring to it doesn't it?

Judging by the sound of these first two songs, I think that Ozzy will once again deliver an album with a great mixture of his modern solo sound and the bare-bones, nitty gritty style that put him and Black Sabbath on the map many moons ago. Although I'm sure like with most of his previous releases, there will definitely be a few surprises. Ordinary Man is set to be released by Epic Records on February 21st, according to Rolling Stone.

I hope that with all these great things going on for Osbourne, they will once again overshadow his personal struggles and allow him to have many more lively and successful years to come. Ozzy grew up in poverty and started out singing with the band that would become Black Sabbath (originally named Earth) in their hometown of Birmingham England.

If you have been reading my last entries, than you probably have seen the Metal Charts from previous weeks.I must say it was truly a blessing to be on the same chart for the past few weeks as one of my main musical inspirations. Unfortunately, Imbolg did not make the charts this week and I was hoping to at least have been bumped out of our exact spot from last week by Ozzy, but it is still great to have had this insight into how the charts and radio airplay work.Special Thanks goes out to Munsey Ricci and Chelsea of Skateboard Marketing and Nelson Fernandez of Metal Contraband for making this article possible.

Please see the embedded links above for more info on upcoming charts and other Metal News, and be sure to check out the new Ozzy Osbourne songs here :