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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Either you got it or You Don't

Hello once again,

Yea Yea,its been awhile since the last post. Anyone keeping count of how many times I've opened with that? In all seriousness things got a little busy with working on the new album and sending promotional material along with our first album out to stores in several different parts of the Country(soon to be nationwide). I felt that with today being Record Store Day I had to make a post and thank all of the stores that are now carrying our music. And we have just started taking pre orders for the new album on Pledge Music along with some other specials deals for our fans. Also, I wantedmy last article on Dean to be a focal point to both my regular readers as well as new visitors. It was a truly groundbreaking entry for both me as a writer and for the Artist. I had taken lots of time acquiring the right information about his projects as well as his new project, and asked him all of the questions I felt that people would like to know the answers to and of course spending plenty of time to asking him about his goals for building a public image in order to present him and his music accurately. So in a nutshell, this was a big step for me as far as being instrumental in an artists public relations.

While I am taking care of all these things, I am just focusing on the end results and not the tasks that some may find to be tedious or too time consuming. From sharing on social media,building a new profile on Pledge Music to researching the places I'd like to send packages to,ordering print materials,mailings and following up with each retailer or contacts. Not to mention retooling the process as issues arise or ideas to make things run smoother get thought of, while getting a second opinion from trusted colleagues and fans. I don't think by any means that what I'm doing is at all Super Human or groundbreaking nor do I think I deserve some special award for it (growing up when someone was pining for praise we would ask them : Do you want a medal or a monument?) I'm just realizing that not everyone is willing to do this. And of course with sending out packages I've had plenty of help from friends and fans which a I greatly appreciate. I just recall a time when former bandmates would complain that I was asking for a small amount of help or actually complaining that I was doing this all together. I couldn't wrap my head around why,except for lack of faith in what I was doing(or their own abilities),ignorance and those that started the project with me,not having the integrity (or spine) to tell these folks whats up and take a hike if you don't like it. Actually, they wanted to fire me if that makes any sense. Well, I realized in this and any of Bullshit situation that: I'm not a Shrink,I'm not a social worker and I don't need these people that will eventually bring me down if I don't protect what Ive worked for. Notice I said "former bandmates" and I will leave it at that.

The quams I got from these Lethargic folks was because the things I was doing were just foreign to them. Much like their attitude was foreign to me. I just have been fortunate enough to have good teachers growing up that not only showed us the right way to perform and understand music. But also educated us on the business side, which we all know is every changing. Like any goal, it won't come overnight and you have to keep working on it. Be willing to make sacrifices, be willing to do at least one thing every day to get closer to your immediate goals. I say Immediate because, for myself I can't get satisfaction from one accomplishment. I'm always thinking "what next?". Look at how many albums a successful artist does or how many shows or movies a famous actor stars in. And doing something everyday doesn't have to be something groundbreaking.It could be making a phone call,sending an email,writing a riff. After all, like Ray Lewis said : “Greatness Is a Lot of Small Things Done Well”

So what I'm saying is I don't see this stuff as "work" It's quite enjoyable. I'm just doing what I need to do on a daily basis,knowing I'm making progress. And I am meeting and speaking to lots of new and interesting people all around the Country. For me, I couldn't ask for anything more besides seeing all the results I desire become a reality.

Thanks again for reading, I am looking forward to seeing what this Summer brings and the completion of the new album. Like I mentioned at the start of this post, we are dong pre orders of the new album. The Page we set up is allowing us to give people who pre order all updates on the album's progress and some bonuses like a signed copy of the first album, a grab bag of all promo stuff and merchandise, having us come to perform at your house and more. I am also offering help to other artists by appointment. But we have an will take suggestions from people on other bonuses. And part of the money will go to Charity. Hope to get another Entry out to you Soon. Be well and check out some of the deals you can get today on Record Store Day


Saturday, February 4, 2017

Life Lessons from the Miner

A mutual friend had told me that Dean was about to start promoting his new solo project, along with their debut album "Life Lessons" and his new company: "Plan 916" where with the help of Owner Matt Kustom he has developed his own signature guitar pickups. This prompted me to listen to his new album and get some insight into how he formed this new project and his history as a musician

Brandishing a persona that appears to be a hybrid of Johnny Depp and Stone Cold Steve Austin who happens to know how to shred on guitar,Dean has been performing live since 2002 with his first band,which was formed in the previous year: Eyeless,and then with Deathstick,Verfallen and Salvage. He then went onto tour with more notable acts like: The Independents,Black Cat Attack and Darrow Chemical Company and currently is a member of Darkness Descends and Children of October,and surprisingly a Hip Hip act known as the Draf and Retro Glam. However, "Life Lessons" steers away from his other projects in that are mainly in the Horror punk and Metal Genres

"The album is a story of my hard life lessons I've had to learn these past few years, everything from love to death and happiness to in-depth sadness a pure emotional journey. I thought that watching your loved ones die was scarier and more identifiable then werewolves and vampires"

Earlier in life,Dean became inspired after hearing a variety of music from Beethoven to Nine Inch Nails and in particular guitar players including : Eddie Van Halen,Dimebag Darrell,Daisy Berkowitz(of Marilyn Manson),Jimi Hendrix,BucketHead and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Dean tells us how he took his leap into the world of becoming a musician: "On the eve of my 13th birthday I was bestowed an item that changed my life forever, a 1997 Ibanez RX40, blue with a white pick guard HSS(Humbucker,Single Coil,Single Coil) with a blond headstock and rosewood fret board and I later added some stickers and customized it with the help of Plan 916 with some custom built HSH(Humbucker,Single Coil,Humbucker) pickups. I love that thing.... its my favorite guitar still and I play it on stage to this day".

Since then Dean has added 8 more six strings guitars,2 of which are acoustic as well as 4 seven string guitars, and 2 eight strings guitars. All of which were made by Ibanez with Plan 916 pickups.

Growing up as a Child of two avid music lovers, Dean was fortunate enough to have met many Rock Legends including Ace Frehley of Kiss,at one of the first concerts his Mother took him too. As well as Peter Wolf and the Members of Fog Hat and Bad Company.

This was only a mere taste of what Dean would experience later on as a live musician. The fore mentioned bands he played with over the years have shared the stage with many well known artists like : Fear Factory, Static X, ICP, After the Burial, Periphery, Atilla, Foo Fighters, My Chemical Romance, Gotham Road, 40 Below Summer, The Independents, Possessed, Cheech and Chong, George Clinton and the P funk all stars, The Ghetto Boys, and many more.

All of these experiences, both musically and personally lead up to Dean creating his new album: "Life Lessons" that I recently listened to and which had several things that made this album stand out. In particular the song and the character that Dean himself created to represent this new solo project: "the Miner". As he goes to explain in more detail here:

"The Miner is the Mascot of my solo project. Its Symbolic to me of my transformation away from certain evils in my life to focus on the positive. it was inspired by a small pewter figurine that I was staring at when i was writing my first song during a small split between me and Darkness Descends. I had an image in mind and I explained it to artist Jeff Stevens From Jackson Tennessee, he owns Tattoo Station, where I get my ink. The image was also worked on by James Rowe and Laura Desantes-Olsson."

The song itself keeps consistent with Dean's Hypnotic vocal tones. This song however, also is reminiscent of the drab psychedelic sounds of the 1960's in particular the Beatles "She's so heavy"

A few other tracks of note that I want to mention (without giving away too much so that listeners can appreciate the album's quality as a whole and find their own favorites) include a pleasant surprise carefully placed in the middle of the album the instrumental "Lean in,Lean toward,Lean with" like the title suggests, this wordless poem tell a story of it own, it allows each listener to imagine their own unique story as they hear the fluid guitar pattern changes from bold strumming similar Latin folk rhythms to arpeggiated chords.Another song that I really enjoyed was: "Everything Fades" loaded with direct lyrics that anyone that has suffered heartbreak can relate to, also offers an upbeat tempo and an out of the box power metal guitar lick

In the future Dean hopes to continue to collaborate with fellow music lovers, but for now will focus on working with Plan 916 that just created his own signature set of Miner guitar pickups,new music from Children of October and Darkness Descends and especially his new album "Life lessons" now available for download that will be released on cd later this month and his own line of merchandise including skateboards. After all, there is always the future full of surprises that all are just waiting to see unfold.

For more information on his new album "Life Lessons" and Merchandise please visit:

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

One Man's trip to NAMM

Mike Repel with Heidi Sheperd from the band the Butcher Babies

For most musicians, especially us "gear heads" this past weekend is like a second Christmas. This past weekend the NAMM show was held at the Anaheim convention center in Anaheim, California. All music instrument manufacturers showcase their new gear including products that feature the latest technology (such as recording software).From new guitars to synths,drums,saxophones and much more. Along with new product demonstrations you can also see live performances and appearances by many of the industrie's top artists. Most of us (myself included) have to patiently wait for the new products to hit stores, and hope to catch a few highlights of pics and videos online.

I was able to pick the brain of a friend that attended this years show. Mike Repel, Lead Singer/Guitarist for the band "Riotous Indignation" and author of : The Music Industry Self Help Guide which is a very good read (a must for anyone crazy enough to consider a career as a musician) Which is now available at Sam Ash Music Stores and on their website. In keeping with my alternate title for this entry: the blog post that wrote itself, I'll let him take from here and (for those of you that don't know) he will tell you what the NAMM acronym stands for.

"After 5 years with no rain, it seemed to all come down the one weekend that I decided to go to California. I could of stayed in Chicago for that bullshit.

However, even though the weather was not optimal, the rain itself was a small inconvenience compared to the awesome weekend I had. As many of you know, and also as many of you don’t know, NAMM (The National Association of Music Merchants) is an invitation only event. For those that are able to attend, the place is an absolute madhouse, and it can pretty much be described as walking into a mile long Sam Ash Music Store or Guitar Center. This is the official trade show for new music gear and music products. There is so much to take in at this event that even if you spend the entire 4 days there, there is a good possibility that you won’t see everything on the floor. I estimate that I walked about 8 miles a day in the convention center, and it seems that this may be average based on a conversation I had with someone who was wearing a pedometer that registered 22,000 steps for his day. There is literally that much to see.

Among some of the newest and innovative toys available, I have seen some things that are absolutely needed in today’s industry. We currently live in a time where impoverished criminals are desperate and emboldened and are targeting touring musicians’ vans and trailers. We all know someone, or some band personally that has been affected by this, and if it has happened to you directly, then you know the soul crushing and gut wrenching feeling of loss that the theft of your musical equipment creates. An item to keep a look out for is by a company from; a company that embeds GPS tracking chips deep into musical instruments in places where they cannot be removed without destroying the instrument. I had an opportunity to speak with Rob Meives who launched this product which has a battery that lasts 25 years and a GPS tracking ability that can locate your instrument or gear within 10 feet of its signal, anywhere in the world. You can find information on Gear Secure by searching for the Hashtag #TheEndToLostOrStolen.

Mike with Richie Faulkner of Judas Priest
the band Fractured playing at the Schecter indie party at the Juke joint

Without getting into all of the gear that was available, mostly because I am tired, and I am waiting for my connecting flight back to Chicago, there is a myriad of celebrities, friends and acquaintances at these events that make this annual trip worthwhile. As a musician, there is no other place that I could think of where you have such a large gathering of like-minded people who are all active in their careers. There is something about being around a bunch of people all weekend who are on the same wavelength as you that absolutely recharges your batteries.

Mike with Mairead Nesbitt of Celtic Women

The whole place is a massive meet and greet and with scheduled live entertainment on and off the convention center property, there is something for everyone to do. Schecter Guitars had two events that I attended which were an absolute great time. They had a packed house on Friday Jan 20th at their independent artists party at The Juke Joint in Anaheim. The bands at this event were all Schecter sponsored artists and absolutely kicked ass, one notable act that absolutely slayed the place was a group called Fracture (find them online under Fracture818). As good of a time as this was, it could not describe the blowout party Schecter had the following night at the Grove Theater of Anaheim. Co-Sponsored by ColdCock Whiskey, this event was packed to the gills with artists and attendees from all over the globe. Kyng, Kings X and Zack Wyldes “Zakk Sabbath” played inside while a DJ spun metal all night in the courtyard which had gas burning heating towers and bars serving ColdCock whiskey evenly distributed to ensure the crowds warmth.

Mike and Miss Elizadeth from Los Anarachy Radio hanging out with Metal Sanaz

Other than the fact that this place was filled with cool people, and some of the most amazing looking women that were occupying southern California this weekend, one notable thing to mention was the thick cloud that hung over the courtyard. This cloud was not a weather related event, but rather a man made by product of California’s relaxed laws on the possession and consumption of recreational Marijuana. This relaxed atmosphere allowed everyone to have a good time, pretty much on their terms. I had a great time and recommend that anyone with the wherewithal to do so makes sure that they attend this event if they get the opportunity to do so."

For more information on what you could have seen this year at NAMM please visit
And be sure to check out Mike Repel's Band Riotous Indignation here:

Also,Get a FREE excerpt from Mike's book here:

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hey,Hey what I can I Say?

Hello again everyone, Im sure by now the phrase "its been awhile since my last post" is becoming a cliche. Most bloggers are very consistent with their entries (like I once was) but things always throw us off course even if we try our best to not let them. I'll have to blame the issues I have been facing with PTSD and Depression. These may not seem like valid reasons to not continue writing but it has actually even effected my reading, believe it or not. Many don't understand (or want to understand) how crippling it can be. That's mainly why I haven't been blogging. Truthfully, I didn't even know what I was going to write and this wasn't the first time.

If the recent past has taught me anything its that things will work out and come to you when they are supposed to. These things that make life difficult, and heartbreaking or for some make you question whether or not it's worth going on usually shape us into who we are. And for us creative types, gives us a way to channel that into something we can create in hopes of inspiring others that can relate to us. Actually just today I was telling someone how this pain is a necessary evil and we can even view how we live as a Catch 22 basically if we end finding true happiness we become content and lose the drive to create. I have been in the company of people like this and they eventually brought me down.

With this New Year that we are all anticipating after the loss of countless actors and Musicians such as : David Bowie,Prince,Keith Emerson,Carrie Fisher,Alan Rickman,George Michaels,Florence Henderson And the list goes on as we all know. Even though these are not what are viewed as personal losses, such as a close friend or relative nothing could be further from the truth. Fans of the for mentioned and any other death such as these are reminders of our own loss of life. How many people remember listening to Bowie for the first time? or watching Star Wars and seeing Carrie Fisher's character "Princess Leai" appear on screen? It reminds us that part of our life,(a part that is especially treasured) our youth is over. These people are as much a part of our lives and who we are as our loved ones are. Those who raise you and interact with you regularly for any length of time mold your thinking and can inspire you. And so do these people, especially for those hoping to become musicians or actors. I'm sure I've stated in other entries that everyone gets influenced by someone who was there before them and their influences may have even help them decide to pursue a career in entertainment. Hopefully this inspiration is only amplified by these losses. Just like Obi Wan Kenobi said in Star Wars: "Strike me down I will become more powerful than you ever imagined"

I have recently lost someone who did help me develop my sound and get the right equipment and mindset. This Man actually spent more time with me than my own Father and obviously has taught me more. For now I will not mention his name as his family does not know that I am writing this(but that will probably change). I did prepare myself for this moment, but no matter how prepared you are it can never mask your grief or fail to shock you when someone is gone. I still listen to a song that his band recorded and the part of it states "and you will be alone, with just a memory of me" and without fail it makes me tear up(even as I'm typing this). But, I know that I must be grateful and honor him by living well and keeping him and his wisdom in my heart. I will try to continue to pass on this knowledge, help others and be honest,something he predicted would be what the Music Industry will soon be seeking out in Artists as the best redeeming quality that sets their talent apart from others

I think this was probably why I started writing this blog. Despite some minor scrutiny, many have told me that they have enjoyed reading my blog and I do appreciate that(hopefully some of my originals readers are reading this now). I was hoping to give people the story behind the music, a look into the origins of some of the songs and a dose of reality that not everything runs smoothly like Hollywood likes to make you believe(Something I have referred to in previous entries as the Hollywood syndrome). And of course I hope to inspire,educate and promote other artists with my stories,sharing knowledge and by posting blog entries that include interviews from other bands. The next entry will include an interview from a tenured musician that is creating his own solo music and products.

As for my music, we just released a new song(see the widget below) called Red Devil that thanks to our friends and contacts is being promoted at music stores and venues around the country. When you are out and about look for these cards:

Well, I'm sure you are not sitting home on New Years reading my babbling , I hope everyone enjoys 2017 and had a safe and Happy New Year. Thank you to everyone that has taught me something or shared their time with me,no matter what how great or little it may have been.Much Love



Thursday, March 17, 2016

Here I go again

Hello everyone,

Last week I posted my first entry in a very long time. Actually that's really saying it mildly, it's been well over a year. Well, what can you do. As we all know consistency is a key element to success, although we all need a break once and awhile for various reasons.

Mine were based on a need to shelter myself from most situations as to better reevaluate certain parts of my life after suffering from PTSD.I also discovered things about myself that Doctors had not been able to detect in all the years that I have been alive, (and I did end up writing some new music that will be released as material for a solo project). Nothing major,so don't worry however that was the case with certain things. Something so minor can affect our decisions and lives so greatly its unbelievable.

As I learned in my marketing research: if it works don't change it, if it doesn't let it go. Not always easy when emotions are involved and this can go for business matters as well. After all, my unofficial definition of professionalism is to not let personal feelings and opinions effect business decisions. I have bent the rules somewhat and decided to focus on one of my flaws: obsession. It happens to us all, but sometimes it can get out of control(think Capt. Ahab in Mobey Dick) I do find myself at times obsessing over a particular band(don't we all) I think it is good at times. After all, life is limiting and your obsession can lead to plenty of knowledge. You can find yourself being able to know every song from a particular artist,their history,influences and how they shaped the act that you know and love. If you do this several times a year, you'll be a music guru in no time.Just keep your obsession to yourself with the exception of your friends and social media posts. I'm not condoning anyone rooting through anyone else's trash cans because you love their music.

One band I have been focusing on heavily the past few weeks is the Jackson 5, my first concert I saw actually was them performing on a reunion tour. Here's a Throwback Thursday pic me right before I left to go see them at Madison Square Garden.

They actually made a miniseries called, "The Jacksons : an American Dream" that shows how they went from kids from a poor family to superstars,learning the ropes of the music business and their own personal struggles as they went along. An unbelievable feat, especially by today's standards. I can't imagine most kids prying themselves away from a video game for more than an hour or so, let alone rehearsing daily and going on tours.One part of the film that stood out for me, was when they were in the studio recording their hit "I'll be There" and Motown Records founder, "Berry Gordy" suggests Michael add the line "just look over your shoulder honey",nothing major but just a small example of producing which is supposed to add a certain flare to a song that makes it more appealing. They are a prime example of teamwork as well as choreography,vocal arrangement and harmonies.Everyone studies someone else of course to become inspired.They learned by watching James Brown,the Four Tops,the Temptations and the likes.Of course,this is also the group that produced who we now refer to as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The youngest of the group and lead singer who was originally overlooked because he was barely old enough to be in grade school at the time of the band's formation. But he showed his Father and Brothers at an early age that he had what it took to perform with them. He even did a few solo albums as child. None of them as successful as his record breaking album "Thriller",which happens to be the best selling album of all time. But perhaps these early albums helped him to be able to create such a sucessfull album as Thriller.Thriller that and the fact that he once again has Quincy Jones producing for him. Which by the way is often used as an example to audio engineering students because of the unique,but highly effect way in which it was mixed. Want to know what I mean? ask any audio engineer to show you(sorry,can't always give away the farm)

I am currently recording a new Imbolg album. We are taking the time to record,edit and figure out which parts fit,or need to be redone,etc. Don't want to bore anyone with details(i'll save that for the behind the scenes video). I feel that in the past I may have rushed through the recording process and allowed many mistakes to be revealed that may have impacted us negatively. So we are taking our time, listening to each others ideas and partnering with our Engineer,"Brett Weatherstone" at Lo-Key Studios in order to create the best album we can.

Like I said earlier, consistency is key and although we don't have our album ready yet,but I have been doing quick update videos to keep people posted about the progress of the album,personal shout outs to fans,friends and family and of course me playing part of a song I just learned recently. Dont expect anything too elaborate , just me playing acoustic guitarvand singing.

I will probably make a few more of these videos as we continue to record. Hopefully the album will be done by the Summer. Please check in with us for more updates on our Facebook Page. And for info on the new songs I spoke about here is a link to the page for My solo project. Of course I had to include the group I spoke most about in this entry,so you can see for yourself what I meant:

I always include the song that inspired the title of each entry:
Thanks Again for reading, Nate

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Back with a Bang! featuring an interview with Michale Graves

Hello everyone. I would like to say that it is great to be back blogging. And as the title suggests, what better way to comeback than to interview Ex-Misfits Singer Michale Graves while on his "When Worlds Collide" tour. The tour has not come through my town yet,but the last time I saw him perform was at a show that I had the distinct privilege of opening up for him. The energy from Michale and his band that night was unprecedented. I was able to get in touch with Michale while he is out on tour and this is what he had to say:

Nate:How did you first discover your love of music?
Michale:My home growing up in New Jersey was filled with music – classic rock n roll, early punk and big voices like Sinatra and Elvis

Nate:How did you develop the Michale Graves image and persona?
Michale:I had been interested in the theater for years – in front of and behind the curtain. Over the years I have evolved both the voice and my make-up – to now what we call the “Skel-crow”

Nate:Who are your influences?
Michale:Metallica, Megadeth, the Ramones

Nate:Tell me about this new album,what inspired the theme of this one? what songs stand out? how is this different from your previous releases?
Michale:The title that Mark (my business and music collaborator) came up with was “When Worlds Collide” and from a vocal and style standpoint that is exactly what this album is – called it “Graves fusion". There is punk, rock, heavy metal, monster rock – all on one album. The range of song (11 on the album) are all very different yet still within the same family to be on the same album. “Bedlam” is an absolutely frenetic train ride…while “When Worlds Collide” is a more focused rock song….

Nate:Mark Allen Stuart is producing this album, how did this collaboration come to light(should I say dark lol)and how is it working along side of him as you both molded these albums into finished products?
Michale:Mark and I meet 4 years ago. We met several times in person and decided to become business partners about 5 years later. Mark not only operates the business and produces our music but he also writes and directs our video projects.

Nate:How did the songs evolve from your ideas on paper to the final recordings?

Michale:Mark created the concept for the album – 9 of the songs are based on classic horror or sci fi films. After the concept is created we discuss each title and have “homework” to watch the original film. Then I write the music and I send a demo to Mark. We then work out the final lyrics. The 2 songs that weren’t based on classic films are “3 Days til Dawn” – that is a unique concept Mark had for a potential film project. The last song “Dying on Sunday Morning” takes up where “Crying on Saturday Night” left off.

Nate:Are there any personal favorite songs on this album? If so what are they and what are they about?
Michale:That’s like saying who is my favorite child….:-) I think that “Robot Monster” is a really big song….very heavy – and 3 Days til Dawn is like listening to a monster movie.

Nate:What is the message that you are trying to give to your fans with When Worlds Collide?
Michale:The message is that we are in a very turbulent yet dynamic time….think about it, don’t let it get by you.

Nate:Will there be any music videos?
Michale:Yes we did a music video for “Old Dark House”. Mark had the idea of using footage from William Castles classic “House on Haunted Hill” and he reshot the beginning with me doing the intro and we used some fans in the video as well.

Nate: How did the album art come to life? was this your concept? who did the final draft?
Michale:Mark does all of the art concepts - directed Tony Treloar for the art.

Nate:What is band line up for this album and tour?
Michale:We have Loki, JB and Tony Bones again on this tour

Nate:What is it like being on tour with these guys both on and off the stage?
Michale:After 55 venues…you get to know each other really well. But they are great –real pros

Nate:Comparing this to previous tours, what is something that you hope will happen again on this tour?
Michale:We are focusing on the new music this tour. We will play the classics and I know how people love them, but I still go out and people ask “You don’t have any new work since the Misfits?” So the new music is really important to me.

Nate:How is the tour going so far?
Michale:Actually – it is starting out as the best tour ever! Huge crowds and really happy people!

Nate:What is your favorite thing about being on tour?
Michale:Simple – meeting the people – its why I do it.

Nate:What are favorite cities to play in and why?
Michale:Really as long as fans are there – I would play on a bus Really I like each city for different reasons.

Nate:Would you like to say something to your fans?
Michale:Thank you thank you thank you – for all of the continued support!!!

For more information on upcoming tour dates, please see the poster below and for more information on how to Purchase When Worlds Collide and Michale's Other releases please Visit:

Hydraulic Entertainment

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Symbolism: An exclusive Interview with up and coming Artist Justin Symbol

Hello all, I know it's been ages since I have posted. However, I'm sure we can all agree that it has been a long cold winter and for many reasons I needed to stay dormant and step away for a bit(I will elaborate further in another post).Anyway, I am a fan coming back in a big way and I thought that writing a post about one of the best new artists around would be the perfect opportunity to do so. I am speaking about none other than Justin Symbol. It has been great to watch Justin come into his own over the past few years, sharing the stage with him and trading ideas with him has been a true blessing for me and I hope more artists have the same rapport and support for one another that Justin and I have. I chose to name this interview "Symbolism" because of the religious cult like fanaticism that his fans(more commonly known as Fuckheads) have taken to Justin and his music. Please enjoy and I hope this gives both his current fans and those who just discovered his music the insight into his sound and how he operates.See all tour dates listed below.

Nate:How long have been playing as a solo artist?

Justin: this project began in the 2014 when I started playing shows alone with just a synth/drum machine, and it expanded from there.

Nate:Past Bands?

Justin:I was in two other notable bands, BLACKBOMBS and Nursing Home, both industrial rock/metal type three pieces. I was in Nursing Home still when I started performing and releasing material under my own name, and it grew from there. By the time I released my debut solo album: V Ω I D H E A D, I had quit Nursing Home and made Justin Symbol the priority.


Justin: O.G. Industrial stuff like Throbbing Gristle,Skinny Puppy and early Ministry, then 90s shit like NIN, Marilyn Manson and Smashing Pumpkins.. I also liked Crystal Castles a lot. Mommy wow, I'm a hipster now!

Nate:What is the Message behind your music?

Justin: I'm just telling my story and how I view the world. And it's pretty damn exciting!

Nate:How did you come up with your stage show & presence?

Justin: I love the glam and theatricality of 70s rockers like [David] Bowie and Alice Cooper. Trashy exploitation films and pop art stuff. Also just the people I hang out with, drag queens, dominatrixes, performance artist's makeup artists etc. all have played a role in my show.

Nate:What can a new fan expect to see & hear at one of your shows?

Justin: Songs they know and love from the record played with a much more rock n roll energy and theatrics, and something highly inappropriate. Someone's always mad at me at the end of each show...

Nate:Tell me about your latest releases?(including remixes & videos)

Justin: I just released the F U C K H E A D remix album, which is remixes of songs from V Ω I D H E A D by electronic/industrial artists like Psyclon Nine, BILE, Statiqbloom, Stereo a Assassin, etc. and also two new songs "Scarecrow" produced by my friend FLO and "Kingdom of Feat", a duet with Verena May. the album is a beast encompassing all genres of electronic really took on a life of it's own, and I'm very proud!

Nate:So you are about to go on your first Nationwide tour with William Control, how did this come about?

Justin:It was a friend of a friend situation, and I'm really excited to be doing this! We are crossing through Nebraska as we speak!

May 17 Webster Studio New York,NY

May 18 Brighton Bar Boston,MA

May 19 VOLTAGE Philadelphia,PA

May 20 The Broad Berry Richmond,VA

May 22 Masquerade Atlanta,GA

May 23 Local 662 Tampa,FL

May 25 TBA Houston,TX

May 26 The Prophet Bar Dallas,TX

May 27 The Greenroom at Warehouse Live Houston,TX

May 28 Korova San Antonio,TX

May 31 Joes Grotto Phoenix,AZ

Jun 03 SOMA San Diego,CA

Jun 05 Chain Reaction Anaheim,CA

Jun 07 Strummers Fresno,CA

Jun 08 Metro Oakland,CA

Jun 11 Studio Seven Seattle,WA

Nate:What are you anticipating on this tour?

Justin:death and chaos! Haha no...I expect to learn and grow much as an artist, and to bond with bandmates:, drummer "Will E Vill", guitarist "Soda" and bassist "Fox", both from Nox Cult!

Nate:What other bands are you hoping to tour with in the future?

Justin: Combichrist, Motionless in White, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Marilyn Manson, Wednesday 13, Orgy, Deadstar Assembly

Nate:Tell me about your Indie Gogo campaign? Why are you trying to raise funds? and what can people get as a reward for donating?

Justin:We are raising funds to make our first tour a success by ensuring we have enough money for gas, food and shelter. We've all saved but unexpected shit comes up, and the biggest challenge by far is having gas money to drive all the way back to NYC from the last tour date in Seattle! Were offering awesome merchandise packages as a reward for donations!

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