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Friday, January 24, 2020

Despite being diagnosed with Parkinson's, Ozzy Osbourne soars to the #1 spot on the Metal Charts

Yes, you heard that right. In The mists of going public about his health issues, the Prince of Darkness climbed to the #1 spot on the Metal Contraband charts this week with the first single off his forthcoming album Ordinary Man called "Under the Graveyard", which features Chad Smith, drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Duff Mckagan of Guns and Roses on Bass. The second single off Ordinary Man is entitled "Straight to Hell", also features a member of Guns and Roses, Slash on guitar. Other artists that appear on the album include,Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, Post Malone and Fellow UK music legend Elton John. Maybe Sir Elton will put in a good word in with the Queen for the Ozzman and he will be Knighted "Sir Ozzy". Has a nice ring to it doesn't it?

Judging by the sound of these first two songs, I think that Ozzy will once again deliver an album with a great mixture of his modern solo sound and the bare-bones, nitty gritty style that put him and Black Sabbath on the map many moons ago. Although I'm sure like with most of his previous releases, there will definitely be a few surprises. Ordinary Man is set to be released by Epic Records on February 21st, according to Rolling Stone.

I hope that with all these great things going on for Osbourne, they will once again overshadow his personal struggles and allow him to have many more lively and successful years to come. Ozzy grew up in poverty and started out singing with the band that would become Black Sabbath (originally named Earth) in their hometown of Birmingham England.

If you have been reading my last entries, than you probably have seen the Metal Charts from previous weeks.I must say it was truly a blessing to be on the same chart for the past few weeks as one of my main musical inspirations. Unfortunately, Imbolg did not make the charts this week and I was hoping to at least have been bumped out of our exact spot from last week by Ozzy, but it is still great to have had this insight into how the charts and radio airplay work.Special Thanks goes out to Munsey Ricci and Chelsea of Skateboard Marketing and Nelson Fernandez of Metal Contraband for making this article possible.

Please see the embedded links above for more info on upcoming charts and other Metal News, and be sure to check out the new Ozzy Osbourne songs here :

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Can I play with Madness?

How's it going everybody? As this title may or may not imply, this is about trying to maintain consistency during the holiday madness (or Iron Maiden) that I'm sure we are all breathing a sigh of relief that it's officially over. Don't get me wrong, we all know it's good to unwind a bit spend time celebrating with our friends and family. Although, for us ambitious types it has a way of throwing us off course no matter how hard we resist. Which is partly to blame for me not making an entry in almost two months.

Since my last hiatus, I was trying diligently to stay consistent. And of course like most independent art forms, we have to be self-motivated. Knowing that there is no actual authoritative obligation (accept with my readers of course) I simply had to take a a pause til when I was comfortable to write. So here I am 😊.

I'm usually not a big fan of year in review type things. But I must say, this year despite all of the low points. There have been some very high points, for both myself the band, and other bands that I know. not only did we release our second album "the Sorrows" on vinyl, but we also did our very first music video, mini tour and National radio campaign. We shared the stage & Airwaves with many great bands.

I was also able to watch many good bands perform (including two bands that I never thought I'd see live Blitzkid & the Misfits with Glenn Danzig on vocals), and take some excellent photos of them as well. I both attended, performed and helped organize quite a few Festival events. Most of which helped raise money for charities. I also took the time to speak to some of my peers about their highlights of 2019, as well as what they are hoping to accomplish in 2020.

"The highlight of my year was getting to play with Nita Strauss and do an Alice Cooper cover. Returning to some of those markets and seeing our organic underground following. The fans are out there just got to find them. [And in 2020] Making new music and building our fan base." - Kore Rozzik

I made a guest appearence in Kore's New Video

"To be in a band, as with any career aspirations for that matter, you have to be in it for the long haul if you want to see any positive results. Nothing is overnight. We've been a band playing in the NYC/Tri-State circuits and beyond for many years. For us the journey has not always been easy, but it has been a great and eye-opening experience. We've been on a very steady climb up hill over the past few years and are in higher demand than ever. 2019 has been a really good to us in particular with more highlights than we can even share; we shared the stage with several nationally renowned acts, returned to the Gramercy Theatre in NYC (where you saw us Nate), held a residency at The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie NY, working our way up from local bills to eventually get to work with legendary acts such as Ace Frehley & Yngwie Malmsteen, just to name a few. In September, we entered the studio to record new music, and are happy to say that there will most certainly be new Libricide material in 2020, along with other surprises along the way. Be on the lookout and join the conversation online!” - Dylan Stark of Libricide

"I would say the highlights for us are always the shows, but the milestones are probably the videos. Both take tremendous preparation and diligence but we work really well as a team. Beaming Right Up and Sick As Our Secrets singles and videos both came out this year. We did a lot of shows in 2019 and donated a lot to charities. 2020 is shaping up even bigger starting with Power of the Lightside single and video with many months of touring. We're just super grateful to still be driven and have the support of our families, fans and bands all over to keep this thing thriving. See you at the shows!!!" - John Polimeni of Makes My Blood Dance

"Symfinity has been playing more around the Northeast US this year. We debuted our very own Symfinifest featuring regional artists of different genres which we hope to repeat. Early next year we will be releasing our second full album, Anthem, which is mastered and currently in production." - -Seann Branchfieldof Symfinity

Well I hope all of you enjoyed this and have a very safe and prosperous 2020. I'll have more updated and interviews with other bands again soon. And more news about the upcoming release by Imbolg. And please enjoy this special video this entry was named after. I choose it because you can see Bruce Dickinson flying Ed Force One as inspiration to all you out there to see how much you can accomplish if you believe in yourself. Enjoy,Nate

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Stuck in the Middle with Who?

Hello, if you read my last post you'd know that I am in the middle doing our radio campaign. Debuting at #36 on the National Metal charts was very encouraging.

However, these days it seems like for every one step forward you make, things either fall back or stay still. I know most people don't know or don't want to know the day in day out struggles that most musicians have these days in order to survive. On top of having a job outside the music industry, we have to write,rehearse and promote our music. But it is rewarding being stuck in the middle if these two worlds when things pan out. But when they don't and you are left with unsold merchandise,playing to an empty room or another band's audience asking yourself is this even worth it? Ironically,one time we played in the middle of a bill with two other local acts in Astoria,NY (I'd mention them by name but the douchebag hipsters don't deserve any publicity), I watched the first band and the headliner was so frustrated about not going on 2nd (isn't a headliner supposed to close the show?) that not only did one act not play, but they decided to insult us by leaving the room and told their crowd and the other band to join them while we played like it was our fault. Besides the handful of people who learned about the show only days before we essentially played to an empty room. So I guess I was Stuck in the middle with who?

This may seem like tirade of complaining and bitterness about things I should keep to myself out of sheer embarrassment.But, if you went witnessing pass bandmates, other bands, patrons promoters and pretty much everyone involved in the music scene not doing the right thing Time After Time(and I admit myself included at times) you be pretty fed up too. Most bands have at least one or more of the "I just show up when they tell me" types. Meaning, they come in, learn the parts, and got told when to come to rehearsals and gigs. They are an asset but in this day and age, a half assed asset. I never understood how someone could trivialize spending a few minutes a day talking to friends about your shows and post on social media. To my knowledge, no one has been injured by tapping on their phone screen to hit a Share button. I have an over-dramatized my response to this down so well, that I have been told that I should do stand up comedy (but one thing at a time). I have noticed that these types are the first to complain when a show doesn't go well.

I stand by my statement from previous entries that things are not how they used to be and in a bad way. Society as a whole has changed, people had more sense of community and friendship, a band was a living breathing being with four parents who strives to for a common goal. The appeal of Rock bands was personality along with talent and every one shared a bond. The core of the success of bands from yesteryears such as Led Zeppelin or the Doors is that bond. Not only with each other but with their audience. Which is one of the reasons I started writing this blog. I wanted to give people some insight into how the life of a musician is, with hopes that someone could relate to it.

The modern music industry has many advantages with technology making production and the finished product being much easier to obtain. But, that is part of the problem. Something worth having won't come easy in most cases. Downloading a song won't cost most people a red cent and years ago we had to go to a store and spend money on music. There was no other way. Also with the ease of production their are many acts that make up an independent scene and bands with no label representation often get misguided,misinformed or are unwilling to be informed. Those who do educate themselves are left in the outside. I have realized that there are few people willing to do the things required to be successful. Yet as I stated earlier, all of this is usually keep behind a closed curtain in most cases.

So what's the solution? Most likely it's different for everybody. But for myself, I go back to why I'm doing this exactly. And that is, for the love of the music. Many times I have consider just packing it in with the band after all of the time and money that has been wasted due to all the circumstances I have previously stated. But why would I stop doing something that not only I love but defines me due to some one else is lack of love for what I do? Don't get me wrong, there are some people that actually value and respect what I have done and for the good people that I have interacted with, I am truly grateful. Like I tell people just starting out in music : this is NOT something for the thin-skinned. There's many times when people just want to shit all over your work just as a way to project their own insecurities and self-doubts I hoping to destroy yours. So it's best to surround yourself with positive people and people that can lift you up and lead by example. And of course, always be learning. This industry changes so rapidly that it's best to keep informed with the latest trends and learning resources including books and live workshops that you can attend, which I'd be more than happy to let you know about & you can also look my other Blog for Music Industry Resources.

I thank all of you for reading this once again. I know this came off is a bit of a rant or a venting session. But many people don't realize how things truly are for the independent artist that is working hard to keep what they have going afloat

And here's the song that I somewhat copied for the title of for this entry

Thanks Again, Nate

Friday, November 8, 2019

Imbolg debuts at #36 on the U.S. Top 50 Metal Contraband Radio Charts

Thank you to Metal Contraband & WMFR's Metal Fortress Radio for making this happen. We hope to continue to work alongside both companies as we continue to climb the charts! I should also mention that Imbolg was also #6 in the top 10 most added to radio stations last week. And also a big thank you to Munsey Ricci from Skateboard Marketing for making this all happen. Please check some stations** below to find out what stations play our music and how you can request it.

PLEASE NOTE : Programming times & days vary due to many of these being college or community stations. Also, most stations can also be heard online thru the TUNE-IN app or by visiting the station's webpages which have been embedded in their respective call letters. **A complete list of stations is available to our street team only, for more information on how to join please email : foreverautumnrecords[@]

WIOX 91.3 FM Roxbury,NY In Goth We Trust Thursdays 10PM-Midnight 607 326-3900 (I do call in interviews on this show occasionally)

And here are some online stations that play us too

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

All Apologies

Hello once again, I chose this title because of my consistency of being inconsistent. And of course I am sincerely apologetic about it. This year has been extremely rough and the way of suffering so many losses. I would say both personally and professionally, but the people that I have lost in the industry also happened to be personal friends.

unfortunately, some of these losses were do to suicide, something that I have found strongly to try and prevent whenever and however I can. It hasn't been easy oh, and I have received some backlash from it. Which, I merely have brushed off as the small side effect. I don't mind somebody being angry towards me if a life has been saved. And, I do regret that I was unable to prevent certain people in my life from taking their own. One of which was somebody that many in New York City and Philadelphia no as DJ Alex Von Nihil, who in the past was featured in this blog during happier times. I truly miss speaking to Alex on occasion about music and are other zany interests(such as collecting pictures of people with mullets). He was there for me when another close friend and former bandmate had passed away,Lynn Haze. I really can't account for the actions of others, but unfortunately losing somebody often does bring out the worst in other people. But I will leave that as a vague statement and not get into details. Although in part, I shouldn't even mention anything negative. However, this is my forum to express anything I feel the need to express. And for that I make no apologies.

I would however, like to make everyone aware that currently a fundraiser is being conducted for suicide prevention in Alex's name, which anyone can donate to if they click here. There is also a tribute event in Philadelphia. I will have more on that later when I receive more details. I would also like to point out that, I would like to organize a tribute show to Lynn Haze in New York City if anyone out there that knew him personally is able to help. You're more than welcome to join the facebook group that we created in his memory : For the Love of Lynn Haze

For anyone out there that is suffering the loss of any loved one, this link can help you find other people in your situation that you can talk to if you feel the need Grief Share. I know it seems like I'm a be loading everyone with a lot of information. However, I have noticed every time I log into social media it seems like somebody is suffering some sort of loss or another. Whether be a family member, a close friend or a pet. And with the passing of mental health awareness and suicide prevention month, I think it's especially necessary to recognize these things. Often in the past, many people with mental health issues (myself included) have been scorned verbally as if this were a criminal act that was committed and not an illness that nobody was seeking to suffer from or looking for treatment to prevent. Often times these things are misunderstood and the need to ridicule or bully others is brought out when people are at their lowest point instead of being offered a solution or some form of assistance. That is why any chance I get, whether it be on stage when I'm performing or simply talking online or in person I encourage people to not be ashamed to ask for help and to never turn a deaf ear to those seeking aid. The Council of a peer or family member can do wonders for a person in crisis.

I hope that reading this has helped anyone that has been suffering a loss or dealing with depression, PTSD or any other form of mental health issues be uplifted and see some hope. I would also like to offer a personal hotline that was given to me through my employer that can assist anyone that needs help in any way shape or form. Whether it be counseling, legal aid or any other form of assistance in your daily lives. 800 833 8707. Remember, you are not alone and there are people who care for you. You can always reach out to somebody who is willing to listen, including myself if you were comfortable with that.

Thank you all for reading again, and I will end this now hoping that I made a difference, and I will let you know that there will be more tribute to other people that have touched my life. Please enjoy this video, in memory of someone that we did lose to suicide, the late great Kurt Cobain

Monday, September 23, 2019

The latest from Me & the Band...

Hi, I know this is Technically "cheating" as in the way of a new blog entry,but it is still new writing. Their will be more, and I did include some updates in this entry included a short video. I just made, and there will be more where that came from. Thanks again for reading, Nate

For Immediate Release :

On October 1st, Forever Autumn records will be releasing the second album by Imbolg entitled the Sorrows on Vinyl LP. This album will feature a new mix of the single "Red Devil" which was remixed by Jez Ball of Winter's Thrall & formerly Empire Hideous. To accompany this new release, the Sorrows will receive airplay on radio stations throughout the United States and music video releases of the aforementioned "Red Devil" & "Paler Still" as well as some tour dates throughout the Northeastern United States, starting with a performance in Providence, Rhode Island at the Alchemy Club on September 15th. Tour dates in their hometown of New York City as well as, Baltimore, MD,Delaware, Philadelphia have also been confirmed. More dates coming soon, will be announced at a later date. For more information on these upcoming performances, or where you can pre-order the Sorrows Click Here

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Point of No Return

So there I was last week, watching a live stream of a music conference that I must tell you was truly a Godsend. One segment in particular, In which the panelists were speaking about how you can give up your day job and do music full-time. This is been pretty much a lifelong goal of mine and I really wish that I had chosen to be in the company of those who felt this way too. It's a real struggle when you're forced to do something outside of your preferred profession in order to have a roof over your head and food on the table. So, like most people after a certain point many of us just except it as a fact of life and "drink the Kool-Aid" if you will. Sadly enough, it's something I've watched many of my former bandmates do. And in some cases it led them to getting toss the aside bye the employer they showed this loyalty to when they were deemed useless. For me, this journey is a series of "what ifs". What if I choose to do things more independently, whatever I had fine-tuned some of the music I made before releasing it or what if I had decided to get a better job? Would I have focused on that? Or what I have used the extra income to fuel the music? At this point it's neither here nor there, there are certain things in life that I have sacrificed and I will do everything in my power to make sure it wasn't in vain. Afterall, life is all about the journey and not the destination.

Just a pic I took of the part of the Harbor in Salem,MA where the ferry to Boston stops

If you've been reading my posts, you will know by now that this is the part where I talk about the title of the post. And for me, that's what I see this as. After doing this for so many years, investing all this time and money and building connections the only wise thing to do would be to find a way to make it work. There's always parts of the day where I feel like I was foolish, I wasted years and years of my life doing the stuff that goes unnoticed. How can I not feel that way, when I've played to empty rooms in my hometown, and I'm expected to go out and then nag people to buy tickets so there a promoter can be able to afford To pay the headliner. And in many cases, the local who is working for nothing or for peanuts draws a much bigger crowd than the hyped up headliner who is passing through town. Then on the other side of the coin, when I actually go out and engage people in person or on social media the few people that recognize and appreciate my work make all the crap that I go through well worth it.

So you might be asking yourself right now, when exactly was it that I decided that I was at the point of no return? Or you may be asking that about your own life. For me it may have been when I decide to start Forever Autumn Records, since I knew we would be distributing and promoting our music nationally. And despite the pitfalls I have encountered with dealing with plenty of the wrong people, I have done just that. Our releases are available in many stores around the country. And I can proudly say that it's been solely by my efforts alone. It's been great getting to build relationships with several of these store owners, picking their brains about their local scene and reassuring them that I would do everything on my end to cross promote for them. Just this past weekend, on our trip to perform in Salem, MA We dropped into a few stores along the way making sure that they had our releases, as well as the poster to promote the new album the Sorrows

This is me and our new keyboard player, Hannah Stejnbok with Ben of Armageddon Shop in Providence,RI

And here's a pic of us (Imbolg) playing in Salem taken by our friend Lynn Senior

So all in all, it was a trip well worth taking in investing time and money in. I got to take my truck out on the open road and listen to some Led Zeppelin(which has become somewhat of a ritual for these trips up north) and of course some other classic rock, including Electric Light Orchestra which I had mentioned in my last post but didn't include a video at the end. Which I will this time. So I suppose the time spent getting to know my new band mate and seeing the sights of Salem, well making acquaintances with some other people who just happen to be in town,including the other bands that performed that night with us Cruz Machine & Metamorph. I'm sure if I was slaving away at some job putting in 60 hours a week and being at some corporations backing call to stop what I'm doing and rush in to help the business stay afloat, none of this would have been possible. I may at some point discuss this past weekend in further detail and add more pictures. But for now, I bid you farewell until next week and if you are in a band or know any bands that are trying to be featured in a Blog please send them my way.

Thanks again for reading,Nate

I chose this particular ELO song, since it's the latest one that I'm learning.

And of course there's never a bad excuse to post some Zeppelin :