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Symbolism: An exclusive Interview with up and coming Artist Justin Symbol

Hello all, I know it's been ages since I have posted. However, I'm sure we can all agree that it has been a long cold winter and for many reasons I needed to stay dormant and step away for a bit(I will elaborate further in another post).Anyway, I am a fan coming back in a big way and I thought that writing a post about one of the best new artists around would be the perfect opportunity to do so. I am speaking about none other than Justin Symbol . It has been great to watch Justin come into his own over the past few years, sharing the stage with him and trading ideas with him has been a true blessing for me and I hope more artists have the same rapport and support for one another that Justin and I have. I chose to name this interview "Symbolism" because of the religious cult like fanaticism that his fans(more commonly known as Fuckheads ) have taken to Justin and his music. Please enjoy and I hope this gives both his current fans and those who just discovered his