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A funny thing happened at a Red light

Hello all, I had yet again another unexpected hiatus. I am trying to move this blog over to our main website (which you maybe reading this from for all I know) and after the unexpected low number of reader for my last entry I was a bot taken aback. It may have been the fact that some people are not a fan of the late David Crosby or the genre of music he created. I assure you that whatever your muscial taste, it is something that you will benefit from by reading it. Yes it was about an artist that was prominent in another time period, but much of what he said is extremely relevant today. Especially with everything that is working so hard to divide us againsst on another. I must admit I am NOT a fan of these cold months and I literally found myself of dreaming of being back in California. The irony goes beyond that fact that there is a song about it, but also that I have only spent a few days of my life there so far (go figure). I can