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Your Song : Less is More

Hello again, you might have noticed that I then a little bit more consistent lately. And I must admit it's because of the wonderful feedback I've gotten on my writing. I do appreciate when even one person takes the time out of their busy day to read and give feedback. It makes me want to keep sharing more with all of you. And for that I am very grateful. After all, a decent of the time I am speaking from a personal perspective and not a journalistic one. At this point in my life I've heard many sayings and parables that were created in order to teach people how some wisdom. One that certainly sticks out is one I heard from a dearly departed friend and mentor Alan Tynes . He said "God gave us two ears and one mouth because we are supposed to listen twice as much as we are supposed to talk". He wasn't talking directly to me but since I was within earshot [sic] I took note of it. Another saying that has been on my mind is of course "Less is more"

You Got It : How Taking a step back can help you move forward

Hello all, I just wanted to share something that happened yesterday and my thoughts about it. Today started out pretty much like any other weekday, I had to get up early and go to my day job (yes us ambitious types still call it that regardless of how much they pay or how old we are) even though I'm not a morning person I trained myself to look forward to everything that's in store for me throughout the day and of course remembering to be grateful that I am even here to do so. Pretty much a quiet day, didn't really hear from any of my friends even though I had plenty to say. I know that most people are unable to talk during the day but I was able to reach out to a select few just to check in and see how they were doing. I know for me (especially what all that's going on these days) that goes along way to know someone was thinking of me and decided to time out of their day to reach out to me. This wasn't the point I was trying to get at but i

Can't Stop, Won't Stop : a Celebration of Imbolg

Hello again, If you've been reading you know that this is my first entry of 2021. I was very flattered by the reaction I got from those who read my last entry , and for that I'm very grateful. I think it's odd at this stage of the game I have to constantly remind myself to be grateful. Life is much easier when you are Oh, but I'll talk more about that later. Recently I've learned to dial back my involvement on social media. I mainly just to post some things that I've been promoting or stuff to make others laugh . I've seen what a cesspool it has become and I see it being extremely pointless to engage in an argument with somebody who cannot agree to disagree. It's very bad for the soul . I'm a firm believer That Any time away from your place of business or running errands Should be utilized for relaxation and enjoyment at the very least (cue up the theme from Cheers). Why waste that time arguing with people that you barely know or putting som