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There's something happening here : the curve is dividing us

Please See this link and find out how you can help save lives Hello everybody, when news of this pandemic hit I told myself I was not going to write about it. But like it or not, there is really no way of going about your day(whether you're staying at home or going to work, sorry but the word "Quarantined" is not truly by definition what the public is being told to do, look it up) without being inundated by the latest update on this crisis. The news media is supposed to keep us informed but it seems like it entire news segments are dedicated to this directly and indirectly. Not to mention daily press conferences by the public officials. This has obviously contributed to the Widespread Panic which it's already in place due to the fact that the Coronavirus is deadly. However the facts still prove that more people have died of other illnesses that have not received as much publicity. Not to mention the possibility that many of the recent deaths were reported