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All of My Love

Hello everyone, First of all let me say once again that I am very appreciative of everyone who gave me condolences and for those who continue to read I am very grateful. Last week I suffered another personal loss. For me it was losing a child, all though it's not a human child it is my loss. How some try to diminish the severity of the loss of a pet had me almost keep this private. This is just one of the many byproducts of today's society that we feel we have the right to dictate the emotions of others based on our own viewpoints. Nevertheless, it doesn't change how I feel and he shouldn't be robbed of a tribute because of some blowhards that wouldn't have the balls to say unsolicited and cruel things in person. Our pets do show us unconditional love and we enrich each other's lives. And for some of us, inspire us to be better people. I remember this guy, Pluto (as he was later named), was a small black kitten with a white patch on his chest w