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Catch Me Now I'm Falling

Hello again everybody, well the good thing about posting this now is that I can congratulate everybody for making it through another week. I think that this one will be a pretty fitting end to Mental Health Awareness Month . The title pretty much gives this one away, but as you know there are many layers to a story to examine. As some of you probably already know, I lifted the title of this post from a song by The Kinks . Since the lyrics of this song primarily gravitate around the comic book hero Captain America (which I was once nicknamed behind my back by complaining ex bandmates that were mad bc I am willing to do what it takes to be successful when they were not, how dare I) asking for help from somebody, anybody. After trying to find out exactly what the inspiration for this song was, I discovered that this was the personification of America in crisis knowing that they have always given aid to other countries. They couldn't have picked a better Motif, since thi

Time of the Season

Hello all, sorry I'm a little late this week. I usually try to have something out by Monday at the latest. But unfortunately, I wasn't able to get much sleep Sunday night and it really affected my overall ability to function. However, I just want to say : Yes! It is that time of the season again. We finally have some consistently warm weather! And when I say we, I mean those of us that live in places that have seasons with changing temperatures. And when I say we I also mean those that enjoy the heat. For me it can almost never get too hot. But for some 75-80 Degrees feels like being in hell. No matter how you look at it, the weather does affect us in many ways. There have even been studies that show people who live in colder climates or places with less sunlight have a greater chance of having depression and other mood disorders. But I'll try to focus on the positive end of things right now and just be grateful that the warm weather is back! I should point out

A Writer Writes, Always

Hello again everybody, for this entry I'm going to have the theme be around a movie for a change. Actually, one scene from a movie in particular that stuck out my mind after the events of the past few weeks. It's from a movie called "Throw Momma from the Train" starring Billy Crystal and Danny DeVito . It wasn't the most colorful line from this scene, or even the title of the clip that I found on YouTube. Yet, from my perspective it was the most powerful message from the whole thing : "a writer writes, always" . This can be interpreted several different ways, but for myself I saw this as not allowing anything to get in the way of my writing. I must admit that I had stumbled upon these words, as they were said as a closing statement by Billy Crystal's character who is teaching a creative writing class. Of course most of this scene was meant to be a joke at the expense of a man in the class that mostly had sex on the brain (you'll se

All of My Love

Hello everyone, First of all let me say once again that I am very appreciative of everyone who gave me condolences and for those who continue to read I am very grateful. Last week I suffered another personal loss. For me it was losing a child, all though it's not a human child it is my loss. How some try to diminish the severity of the loss of a pet had me almost keep this private. This is just one of the many byproducts of today's society that we feel we have the right to dictate the emotions of others based on our own viewpoints. Nevertheless, it doesn't change how I feel and he shouldn't be robbed of a tribute because of some blowhards that wouldn't have the balls to say unsolicited and cruel things in person. Our pets do show us unconditional love and we enrich each other's lives. And for some of us, inspire us to be better people. I remember this guy, Pluto (as he was later named), was a small black kitten with a white patch on his chest w