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The Veil is thinning

Hello all, I must admit this Samhain season has been a bit slow. But still interesting. Most people have their own rituals around this time of year. From the costumes and pumpkin carving, to a trip out of town to a place frequent around Halloween such as Salem or Sleepy Hollow . I however chose to withdraw from one of my long standing traditions, performing live. I just felt it was not the right time and "sitting this one out" wouldn't be so bad. I am a firm believer in do it right or not at all. Still with everything going on I have plenty to reflect on and work towards in the coming months but more on that by later. There is one tradition that I am definitely not going to withdraw from,and that the very root of this celebration(no,not Trick or Treating) honoring those who passed on. As I am writing this, I am watching the sky darken and in between tonight and tomorrow. night, it is said that the veil between the wor