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Ace Shocks Back with 10,000 Volts

I know I haven't written in awhile. But seeing this new video immediately inspired me to share my thoughts. And I will share more again very soon. Enjoy. Once again, the SpaceMan has taken us on a wild ride into another universe with hos new muisc video for the somg 10,000 Volts . Continuing to inspire Fellow axe slingers, and giving us a new song with some familiar Ace Tones, Especially in the solo as some of the licks are reminiscent of other Ace classics, such as “You give me a feeling” and "Shock me" but unique in its own way. Same goes for the music video itself, where at first it seems like a simple rock music video. But then you will discover some innovative special effects that without giving them away will both shock and amaze you. The title of this track is also a hint to what those visuals may be. Overall, this soon to be hit song, gives his former bandmates a phallic finger without even attempting to. As This