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The Elder: an exclusive interview with the NYC Dark scene's own DJ Patrick

Hello everybody, after my last entry I need to show everyone how resilient the life of a musician can be and how the next day can bring about great changes. So after a few deep breathes and listening speeches/watching scenes from Rocky , a movie that always lifts my spirits I decided to focus on some very great upcoming events I am involved with. Very soon it will be my Birthday , and I will be fortunate enough to be performing at that day. Also, I have been lucky enough to coordinate the special day so that the Imbolg Record release party will be on the same day at a very great event here in NYC known as Salvation , which was created by none other than Joe Cyn , and the NYC Goth scene's most tenured DJ: Patrick . This is truly a great honor to be a part of this event, as excited as I am I still managed to come up with some questions for Patrick regarding his events and his very prosperous 20 year plus career as a DJ, here is what he had to say: Nate: Have you ever pla