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a look at the Halloween season with interview from Scream Queen Genoveva Rossi

Hello everyone, Yes I should have posted this a few days ago. But at least we still are reeling from all the Halloween excitement, well I know I am. It seems like Halloween comes and goes so fast and we never get to do everything we had planned for. Didn't go to enough parties,didn't eat enough candy,didn't go to enough places to pick pumpkins and apples, or Didn't watch enough Horror movies. It has always interested me as to how the movies in general come to life, the story, the production, the casting and how the actors came to be. A few years ago I was given the chance to see a movie come to life as it was being made. Some friends of mine created a film called "Jack O' Slasher" and I was given a small part in the film. Even though it was an independent production, It was like just like what I heard being on a Hollywood movie set would be like. Getting into costume,preparing mentally,snacking,and hours of hanging out getting to know the other pe

A Summer to Remember (Better late than Never)

Hello everybody, Last year I did an end of the summer post and I didn't want to create a carbon copy of that. And yes I know it is October. However, after looking back at the Summer of 2014 this entry will be not be a mere Summer recap post. I don't even know where to begin to describe what I expected to happen, what did happen and how it changed me forever. For a very long time I have been suffering from many personal demons including anger,depression,hopelessness and abandonment. Topped with the pressures of everyday life and trying to keep a band moving it can be quite taxing. Luckily, I allowed myself to loosen the grip on how I felt things should be and learned to "go with the flow" a bit. With the help of a few great friends that I had made recently I learned that I need to put these bad traits behind me and I can't thank them enough for helping me change for the better. Yet I know that I still have much to learn and that my personal evolution has just

The Elder: an exclusive interview with the NYC Dark scene's own DJ Patrick

Hello everybody, after my last entry I need to show everyone how resilient the life of a musician can be and how the next day can bring about great changes. So after a few deep breathes and listening speeches/watching scenes from Rocky , a movie that always lifts my spirits I decided to focus on some very great upcoming events I am involved with. Very soon it will be my Birthday , and I will be fortunate enough to be performing at that day. Also, I have been lucky enough to coordinate the special day so that the Imbolg Record release party will be on the same day at a very great event here in NYC known as Salvation , which was created by none other than Joe Cyn , and the NYC Goth scene's most tenured DJ: Patrick . This is truly a great honor to be a part of this event, as excited as I am I still managed to come up with some questions for Patrick regarding his events and his very prosperous 20 year plus career as a DJ, here is what he had to say: Nate: Have you ever pla

Most likely the MOST messed up band story you'll ever hear

Hello everyone. I know it's been nearly a month since my last entry. I have finally finished the Imbolg album. It is a great weight off my shoulders. Now I have plenty of work to do to promote the album and get the band back out performing shows. This has also meant that I am no longer working with the band Of beauty and Madness . As many of you know our lives have many turning points and things sometimes "run there course". However, it always best to see this early on and try to settle matters civilly as I had attempted to. Unfortunately, we have no control over the actions of others and my former partner at Forever Autumn Records and band mate grew to resent me due to his lack of time and inability to accomplish the things we had set forth to do together. I found myself taking on more responsibilities than I had bargained for and my efforts were unappreciated by all who are in the band, simply because they have never been in a band where two members are seasoned

Wishful, Sinful: with updates on Forever Autumn Records and the new Of Beauty and Madness album, Litany

Greetings people. With the warm-er weather now here(finally) it is harder to sit down and write on a Saturday, which is usually when I do it. However, I had plenty of work to do with the upcoming re-release of the Imbolg album and the release from Of Beauty and Madness , titled Litany . For a long time I have been focusing on my own band and felt that I would not be able to devote the proper attention to another musical project, however this has taught me a lot about the dynamics of being a part of a band, as a member and not being the leader. I must say in some ways it is a relief to not have that burden on my shoulders. Even with the process of getting this album ready, I saw how much of a well oiled machine a band can be. We had a friend create the album artwork,we designed the rest,with the exception of a photo taken by another friend. We placed the order for the cds and distribution, and fortunately one band member lives close enough to Discmakers and was able to pick the

No Man is an Island

Hello everyone, I know that I have been absent for awhile now. But in the midst of this incredibly long winter(that is officially over and refuses to die) It has been hard to go out and enjoy life, write or perform. Although I did manage to perform recently with my Bass player, Lynn Haze at the Dorian Gray party here in NYC(see pic below). I have been busy finishing up two releases, and a long work project so that I can fund the things I love doing. Not to mention the Indie Gogo campaign we created has been keeping me occupied. Like anything else it has been an uphill battle and in hindsight I wish I had done more research before beginning the campaign. However, We are still struggling to make our goal and those who donate will receive perks such as downloads, keychains that our bass player Lynn Haze is making custom, and the most popular perk : pre-ordered copies of albums from Imbolg and Of Beauty and Madness . You can find out more about our campaign and how you can contribute

Jack of all trades

If you have read the past few posts I have made you may start to realize that being a musical artist isn't always about writing and performing music. Especially if you are a DIY or an independent artist. You have to be your own booking agent, manager, tour manager, publicist and sometimes even your own record label. These dual roles or "wearing many hats" is not easy and sometimes your performance can suffer as a result of it. Many managers also have law degrees, but do not practice. However their education in law helps them read and write contracts for their clients in order to be more effective as representation to their clients. If you would like more information on this topic, I suggest reading this book on Music Law . Here is a musical fact you may not know: Huey Lewis of Huey Lewis & the News actually managed the band he created. Dual roles in music are so common that nobody even gives them a second thought. How bands do you know engineer their own

Behind the Booth: an indepth look into the world of the DJ Featuring interviews with DJs Ian Fford & Alex Von Nihil

As you probably guessed, this entry is dedicated to the DJ or Disc Jockey . Technically they are not musicians, however they are a big part of the music industry and club circuits. They can also help further a musical artist's career by playing their music on their show or during their club sets. So it's a good a idea for bands to work along side of and cross promote Djs (as I stated in the past the business is give and take, you should help those when you can). I mentioned in previous entries most radio play is handle through a radio promoter, however it is in most cases ultimately the Dj that decides what songs get airplay. Like musicians, these Guys and Ladies usually focus on a specific genre of music and in many cases develop a style and personality to add flair to their overall appeal. In some cases have even established a certain "rockstar" status by making a name for themselves after years of spinning at events geared towards the genre they chose to spin.

Cool your engines

Hello again everybody, this entry I will be focusing on running a smarter campaign to avoid the backlash overdoing your promotions or (worse case scenario) being labeled a "Spammer". Yes, people do throw that and many other terms around too loosely, we all do. And I admit I have been guilty of overdoing posts in the past. But instead of defending myself and starting arguments I decided to evaluate how I was going about spreading the word about my music and this blog while sharing what I learned with you. Your goal when being on social media is not just to get people into your music music but also, entertaining them or engaging them with an interesting post, like a picture you took or asking them a question about a music related topic. Make it interactive and not just about you, people will respond more and, to quote Bill Cosby but you may even learn thing or two (Hey Hey Hey). Yes it can be nerve racking to think that so many bands are out their posting their music an

Back to the grind: Featuring an exclusive interview with Aline Queen

Now that the Holiday consumerism fest is over, those of us that have their sights set on accomplishing projects can finally get down to it. Although, it may be a bit harder the first weeks with all that extra Holiday weight you maybe carrying around. For myself, it is a very difficult part of the Holidays having to drop everything and trying to celebrate with not even one major task out of the way. Although the New Year does bring us hope that we can make things better for ourselves and many believe how you enter the New Year is how you shape the rest of it. As I'm sure you noticed by now, this a downtime for the entertainment industry as a whole. Show attendance and club events usually don't have as many numbers as they do in the months prior to the Holidays. The music industry actually shuts down and all business starts up again in the New Year, as there are many behind the scenes things happening and many trade shows in January, such as the NAMM show. So what is th