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Hey, Hey what I can I Say?

Hello again everyone, Im sure by now the phrase "its been awhile since my last post" is becoming a cliche. Most bloggers are very consistent with their entries (like I once was) but things always throw us off course even if we try our best to not let them. I'll have to blame the issues I have been facing with PTSD and Depression . These may not seem like valid reasons to not continue writing but it has actually even effected my reading, believe it or not. Many don't understand (or want to understand) how crippling it can be. That's mainly why I haven't been blogging. Truthfully, I didn't even know what I was going to write and this wasn't the first time. If the recent past has taught me anything its that things will work out and come to you when they are supposed to. These things that make life difficult, and heartbreaking or for some make you question whether or not it's worth going on usually shape us into who we are. And for us creative ty

Here I go again

Hello everyone, Last week I posted my first entry in a very long time. Actually that's really saying it mildly, it's been well over a year. Well, what can you do. As we all know consistency is a key element to success, although we all need a break once and awhile for various reasons. Mine were based on a need to shelter myself from most situations as to better reevaluate certain parts of my life after suffering from PTSD.I also discovered things about myself that Doctors had not been able to detect in all the years that I have been alive, (and I did end up writing some new music that will be released as material for a solo project). Nothing major,so don't worry however that was the case with certain things. Something so minor can affect our decisions and lives so greatly its unbelievable. As I learned in my marketing research: if it works don't change it, if it doesn't let it go. Not always easy when emotions are involved and this can go for business matters

Back with a Bang! featuring an interview with Michale Graves

Hello everyone. I would like to say that it is great to be back blogging. And as the title suggests, what better way to comeback than to interview Ex-Misfits Singer Michale Graves while on his "When Worlds Collide" tour. The tour has not come through my town yet,but the last time I saw him perform was at a show that I had the distinct privilege of opening up for him. The energy from Michale and his band that night was unprecedented. I was able to get in touch with Michale while he is out on tour and this is what he had to say: Nate: How did you first discover your love of music? Michale: My home growing up in New Jersey was filled with music – classic rock n roll, early punk and big voices like Sinatra and Elvis Nate: How did you develop the Michale Graves image and persona? Michale: I had been interested in the theater for years – in front of and behind the curtain. Over the years I have evolved both the voice and my make-up – to now what we call the “Skel