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Come Sail Away

Hello everyone, this is a very special entry for me because it is the first-ever that I have written outside of the United States . I'm in Mexico right now on vacation. I'm sure some of you are wondering why I decided to stop relaxing and do something that may be considered part of my routine or work. And believe me, I have been relaxing. It's been great being away from everything (especially Fakebook) using the phone primarily as a watch or a camera (when I didn't leave it in the room). Anyway, I will tell you why. It's because am not of that mindset. See if you enjoy doing something than it's not work. I see this as an opportunity to write something for all of you to read for the first time ever while in another country. I would be more annoyed or regretful (even though thanks to some spirited advice I have been teaching to myself not to be) if I did not take this opportunity. I mean it's not everyday that I can honestly say that I am writing

Holy Ireland

Hello everyone, before I get started I just want to let you know that despite the name of this entry, this is not a religious post. You'll see why I did this, I always explain. may have noticed the change in the appearance here. And I did have to include some ads, just so I can keep this running. unfortunately that's how things are these days. In order to keep at something there has to be some sort of money flow. Although when I started writing I'm here many years ago, it was not my intent nor did I have any knowledge being able to make money from this. By you doing so, not having to rely on other sources of income as to free up my time to focus on projects like this that I enjoy doing. A major goal for Me personally. I mean, who wants to be stuck doing something you dislike or working at a place that has the ability to let you go at any time? But many of us have been programmed to believe this is the only option we have in order to survive. survive as an e

Nobody's Home

Hello all, I'm just here yet again, hoping that I am going to maintain this level of consistency and confidence that the answers are going to simply come to me. How they come is none of my concern, but I know they will. We actually had our first band practice in oh, I'm too embarrassed to say how long. Not just because of the length of time, but also due to the fact that what has been going on in the world this past year has had an impact on my motivation. I'm speaking specifically about things that we can do( wow, I caught myself before I said permitted to do) by surrendering even the smallest piece of your mentality is a defeat as far as I'm concerned. I somewhat hinted at my disdain towards the mindset that is plaguing our society now. Although several people are jumping on the bandwagon so to speak there are just as many other people that find it ridiculous and can see what it's really about. Simply the lack of accountability that is considered the norm

Finding My Way!

Hello all, as I stated in my last entry I've noticed how important consistency is. I have even started to perform some of the songs I mentioned in the past weeks on Facebook live, as well as on Twitter. I did notice that I received some feedback from some very unlikely places. And I do appreciate anyone who stops in and takes a listen, whether you leave a comment or not. I am also looking forward to continuing with my Web Series , even though I haven't posted any videos in a few weeks. I've just mainly been checking out what some of the other content creators on YouTube have been doing and supporting their channels. After all, not only do I hope they reciprocate but I do you know that I can learn a great deal more from them as well as having a fun time chatting online with people. Especially since it's about two very interesting topics, True Crime and Cobra Kai. The title of this piece may imply that I have everything all figured out and there's not much more