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a look at the Halloween season with interview from Scream Queen Genoveva Rossi

Hello everyone, Yes I should have posted this a few days ago. But at least we still are reeling from all the Halloween excitement, well I know I am. It seems like Halloween comes and goes so fast and we never get to do everything we had planned for. Didn't go to enough parties,didn't eat enough candy,didn't go to enough places to pick pumpkins and apples, or Didn't watch enough Horror movies. It has always interested me as to how the movies in general come to life, the story, the production, the casting and how the actors came to be. A few years ago I was given the chance to see a movie come to life as it was being made. Some friends of mine created a film called "Jack O' Slasher" and I was given a small part in the film. Even though it was an independent production, It was like just like what I heard being on a Hollywood movie set would be like. Getting into costume,preparing mentally,snacking,and hours of hanging out getting to know the other pe