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Burning Heart

Hello everyone, Happy Year. It's still early enough in the year to say that right? Anyway, I wish all of you a much better and prosperous 2022. This year is believed to bring about changes and abundance. Which after the last 2 years is really needed. The world has definitely changed drastically in the last couple of years. Just think about how people have changed not only their routine but how they interact with one another. We're being told that we should deprive ourselves of one of our very basic needs. Human contact. We were told to isolate ourselves, and only interact from a distance. Even more strangely, actual physical contact. People I've been conditioned to be at the very least weary, if not afraid giving another person a handshake. We're being told it's necessary for survival, it has affected our health in another way. Think about why prisons put people in solitary confinement. They're taking away