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Stand by Me

Hello everyone, my apologies for my absence this past week. Sometimes a much-needed pause is necessary. More accurately, reflecting back and being that my birthday is coming up this Monday it's naturally the time to do so. Even though I have referenced this film and the main character's perspective before, this look into this great piece of work (and each form of media it's represented in) is not redundant. I am in no way looking to lose the momentum I have gained this year with consistent entries. I just needed a short breather, it happens. After all, we are human and if the events of this past year-and-a-half haven't taught us that then I don't think anything will. But then again, who am I to ponder what is or isn't or what may or may not happen. All I can really speak of accurately are the things I have seen, experienced and felt. And if there's one thing that the story that inspired the entry taught me, is that our words weaken

Finally taking the stage again (and how you can watch)

We are just starting to get back to performing shows. See the info for this event if you're in the area. If not click here to watch perform live this Thursday online 6:30 PM EST in support raising money for COVID relief through the American Red Cross. Tri County Give Back On Saturday July 10th, Charlee Bravos in Putnam Connecticut and Metal Fortress Radio brings with you : " Bravofest ". This is an annual event that is being held in order to raise money for the American Red Cross and Homes For Our Troops , a national nonprofit which builds and donates specially adapted custom homes nationwide for severely injured post-911 Veterans, to enable them to rebuild their lives. This will be an all day event featuring live performances from several bands from the local area, as well as bands from Rhode Island and New York City. This event will also include Food with the cost of admission, but will be completely free for all Veterans. The band's