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Lucky Man and a Digressing Society caused by social media

Hello all. In this the last entry that I will make in 2020, I wasn't intending for this to be any type of "year in review" or "recap" of sorts. After all, the general consensus is that this year really sucked. So why even attempt to pinpoint a few highlights, since they're really weren't any. My focus in this entry was mainly on how social media has really affected our society for the worst. You can even say it has made us de-evolutionized. Believe it or not, this is where the band Devo got their name. But that has been overshadowed by their song "Whip it" being the first one to have a video on MTV . My other objective is to form a bridge between this and my new web series : Talking straight with Nate . Which just like this, has a variety of topics equated with music, life and motivation. But I will also be doing some reviews, on-location shoots, unboxings and in the future I'm planning on doing some interv