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Tell me what you want

Please See this link and find out how you can help save lives Hello all, please don't let Uncle Sam make assume what this is about. Because this is NOT by any means a political post. Many of you know that I never post about that topic,but still just needed to inform you. After my last entry I decided to pause for a little while in hopes that what I was saying would seep into the hearts and minds of those willing to listen. Not to mention, even though we've been inundated with plenty of updates and theories since then, what I spoke about previously is still a current topic. This is easier said than done of course, but instead of allowing what's going on in the world and everyone's opposing views to suppress me, I chose to take a chance at gaining some new momentum. Even though we are all in this together, which has even become sort of a slogan it's quite obvious that people deal with this very differently based on their own personal experiences. I for