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It's Never Enough

Hello again everybody. When I first came up with the idea for this particular entry, it was back in early July. And even those it’s the last day of September (and most likely your reading this in October) I. Didn't want another month to go by. I was on the way to the charity show I had mentioned previously Bravo Fest . Obviously a lot has happened between now and then. But oh, I still think that the basic idea is still relevant. At the time, I found myself driving on I-95 up to the show in Connecticut thinking about all of the pitfalls I had encountered trying to put this together. From cancellations, things getting lost in the mail and in general things not coming together the way I had hoped they would. Plus sitting in traffic never put anyone in a good mood. Especially me. Of course this was different than most of the events said I had performed at. Because not only was it a charity, but it was for raising money for our veterans. Whi