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The Tides

Hello, in my last entry it may have insinuated that I found it easy to overcome some of the mental health issues that were either pre-existing or happened to develop during the pandemic. anything that goes untreated is going to become worse and you will not simply go away overnight. So even if it's so you can do I encourage people to just do one small thing in the direction towards recovery. Even researching where to find counseling is something. We are all aware of how the mind works, so what I am going to speak about will certainly not come as a shock to most people. This week I suffered a loss in my immediate family. For my own reasons, I would like to keep some details private. I was not close with this person, even though they helped raise me. When they were at their best of course. Even with all the bad things that transpired their was some good. For the most part everyone has some good in them if you look hard enough. We would talk about music, like most peop

Wasted Time

Hello everyone. After last week I don't think there's any way I could top that, so I'm not going to try. But I'm also not going to allow the the shift in my schedule or the fact that this it's a holiday weekend to put things to a screeching halt. For many this is the time of Lent in which people are supposed to give up something they enjoy for a short of time. With everything that's going on in the world right now most people, regardless of religious beliefs or lack thereof are already giving something up they enjoy. And not just one thing, in most cases several things. For many it's almost as if our lives our assembly being put on hold until further notice. Anyone who read my last entry, knows that I decided to not let my life be on hold and took a trip out of the country. I think the airlines and the place I was staying did a very good job of keeping everybody safe. Despite not requiring a vaccination (as if they h