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A funny thing happened at a Red light

Hello all, I had yet again another unexpected hiatus. I am trying to move this blog over to our main website (which you maybe reading this from for all I know) and after the unexpected low number of reader for my last entry I was a bot taken aback. It may have been the fact that some people are not a fan of the late David Crosby or the genre of music he created. I assure you that whatever your muscial taste, it is something that you will benefit from by reading it. Yes it was about an artist that was prominent in another time period, but much of what he said is extremely relevant today. Especially with everything that is working so hard to divide us againsst on another. I must admit I am NOT a fan of these cold months and I literally found myself of dreaming of being back in California. The irony goes beyond that fact that there is a song about it, but also that I have only spent a few days of my life there so far (go figure). I can

Turn, Turn, Turn

Hello All, I am glad to be back once again this week to share more with you. Last time I may have been a bit long winded with tones of resentment and bitterness that lead me to finding some peace, some contentment within these struggles. But like I have stated before in one way or another even being content is worry-some simply because it means you’ve settled, or it’s the end, I’ve peaked. So let me state that in most instances, I am never fully content. And it may have seemed like I am not grateful for the things I do have, which also not the case. If you don’t know by you should be aware of how empowering gratitude is and how it will allow you to manifest the things that hope to have come into your life (Thank you once again Robert Zink ). So just remember “Gratitude is the Attitude” and you can quote me on that, like I just did. One of the most anxiety inducing things for any writer is to come up with something to write abou


Hello All, As I am doing my best to keep on a more consistent basis, the biggest challenge of course is coming up with something to write. Most people would say that the issue lies in finding the time to write. But as I have already exclaimed on many occasions, if something is important enough you will find the time to do so. Like I said before, claiming you don’t have the time is just another way people bullshit their way out of admitting that they truly don’t believe are capable of doing something. Like a shield to protect one’s fragile ego while they are reminded of what they once set out to when they witness others who miraculously found the time to do so. And feeling even more shattered seeing others achieve success in some way doing the thing(s) they “didn’t have time” to do. I have learned that if you keep doing what you set out to do, you have not failed. Yes, we are all hoping for some form of success, sustainability, o


Hello All, I figured I would start the New Year off right by doing a follow up to my last entry sooner than later. No this isn’t a New Year’s resolution or some New year, new me crap that we all loathe. I just think that after all time writing (and not writing) I should keep going. Besides like I mentioned in my last entry, sometimes time away is often needed to stay strong and effective. In these past few months, I have been thinking about quite a few topics to write about. Some of these are things that I have were ideas the moment they had happened. The last time I wrote I was mostly talking about things that seemed to be missing, hence the title The Big Empty . I reeled myself back in for a few reasons. One of which being that “if you focus on lack you attract more lack” thank you Robert Zink for making me aware of that. I didn’t want it to seem like a year in review type thing. I’m sure I’ve done that already. Besides,