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Friday, December 27, 2013

Never Say Die!

Some of you that are linked up with me on Facebook probably know why I chose this title. I have been posting a video for a song with the same named from a band called the 69 Eyes around lately for various reasons. I felt the message of the song is good and I have been listening to this group a lot recently. Also, I just felt this was a fitting message to send people into 2014 with.
A few weeks ago I warned everyone about the dangers of being sidetracked during the Holidays. Which I'm sure may have gone wayside, and justifiably so. I have found myself practically in panic mode not being able to get even the simple of tasks done(actually I'm lying I did come up with a few new riffs and lyrics) forgetting that this is a well earned break from all the pressure and stress that comes along with being a D.I.Y. musician/owner of a soon to be launched independent record label. I found myself very anxious too when thinking about spending time with the people that will accept me no matter what, My family because I have so many things that are at this moment unfinished. But since we have accustom to blaming the corporate greed mongers that destroyed this wonderful Holiday season, I'll blame my angst on them as well. Damn you corporate greed mongers! Actually if we set aside the spending, the hassles and various insanity that this time of year has morphed into you and focus on the true meaning of the Holidays we will be able to relax and enjoy ourselves. It is supposed to be a time of peace and giving, in which we should all be kind to one another. My Christmas spirit came almost a day late and found myself at peace content for what I have at this very moment (something I usually view it as loss of the killer instinct). This time of year comes only once and it is great to see everyone cheerful and excited to be with loved ones. This year I mainly spent time in and around NYC as I awaited new developments with my projects. I learned the valuable lesson to not put your work into just anybody's hands as a seemingly friendly individual chose to try and set our project aside in order to climb the social ladder within the NYC scene and eventually attempted to extort money from us. I just need to tell myself: You are NOT George Bailey and this is not Bedford Falls (you know from the classic Christmas movie: it's a wonderful life)
I never thought there would be a bad side to being ambitious, but like anything else there must be a time to slow down or "cool your jets" so to speak. My main concern is being able to officially launch Forever Autumn Records , I am hoping to have album from my band, Imbolg and Of Beauty and Madness, which I am playing bass for. I never thought I would be involved with two bands at the same time, it is good to take a step back and not be the one steering ship all the time. However, each person in Of Beauty and Madness (OBAM for short) has some expertise they can bring to the table. I am really looking forward to having both bands out playing in many different cities and meeting new and exciting people this year. I can't say that I'm sorry that 2013, it has been a real up hill battle. Many friendships have been tested and some have ended. Many have shown their true colors, as they continue to deceive or accuse. Many doors have opened and some have shut. But such is life as each passing year gives us a chance to learn and grow as part of our personal journeys.
I leave you with my hopes that all of you will find your true path in this next year, even if it does not bring you joy at first. Some gifts take time to blossom. Thanks again for reading this year, be safe and enjoy your NYE celebrations wherever they are held. I'm sure you guessed that I would leave you with this video. Enjoy, Nate

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Steady is the course

Hello again, I'm sure most of you that live in places the have seasons are already braving the cold or may have come down with one already. This time of year just sneaks up on us. Not to mention having the Holidays and the pressure to spend being forced on you. And of course all those Christmas songs, which I'm sure you have heard so many times that you may have created your own parodies of. After all "its the most annoying time of the year" lol. It is nice to spend time with family and friends during this time and celebrate after working all year. But the cold weather does make us more run down, unmotivated and more prone to over eat. A few things that are poison to anybody that is trying to focus on being successful in any field, especially in music.

I decided to post this entry since this time of year is an easy one for us to lose focus on working towards our goals. Many work overtime if they are stuck in retail, and not to mention the music industry does shut down around this time of year (nobody except people releasing Christmas music or Top level artists releasing anything around this time) But this time "down time" is useful as well. Many bands use the cold months to record new material since many people don't go to show during the Winter. Just try to stay focused and keep writing, planning where you would like to tour when the weather is better and so on. If you do NOTHING you become NOTHING.

As you probably already know, this business of making music is very fast paced and requires you to multitask if you want to get anywhere. I've found myself for months on end spearheading a certain thing, and noticing many other aspects of my career in music would suffer. I learned that good planning is key, and for someone who admittedly has A.D.D. it is a challenge. But it is one I am willing to take, after all these tasks are symbiotic and each requires a specific amount of my attention (which is partly why I don't consistently post on a weekly basis, well that and my fear that all of you may get sick of me rambling on all the time). Not to mention this type of organization will help with all aspects of a person's life as well.

As we all know the playing is the root thing we do need to work on, although handling the business side is important as well. And for those of you that play multiple instruments and/or sing as well you are doubling or tripling the workload. For example, I recently wrote and recorded a demo of a new song. Each day I did at least one thing to make the track a finished product. One day I was tweeking sounds on my synth and arranging the song, the next I was programming the drum beat and so on. The point is to keep things moving, the more time you have the more you can do obviously. But if you allow yourself to get sidetracked by the changing seasons or any other distractions you are that less likely to achieve your goals.

I suggest writing down what you are looking to achieve, mark your calendar and make vision board (if you can envision it, you can make it your reality). As you complete each task, make a check mark next to it or scratch it out, I find that to be one of the most enjoyable things about getting stuff done. Try and you'll see what I mean.

Thank you all again for reading, more updates are coming soon. And I'm not a complete Scrooge, I know the Holidays do bring out good in many people. Here is blast from the past when a group of musicians got together for a good cause. Happy Holidays,Nate

And since the song is probably already in your head now, here's the song I was poking at the beginning of this: